Upside-Down Thinking by Patric Fransko
by Patric Fransko
March 30th, 2016

3 Reasons Paid Social Media Marketing is Right for Small Business

By this time, I think even the most stubborn small business owners have conceded to the importance of having a solid website that is optimized properly. This is the modern-day equivalent of being listed in the phone book. The quality of your website speaks volumes about your business before the potential customer ever dials the phone or sends an email. A good website is step one in any solid marketing presence—but it’s only step one.Fransko2

Steps two to five are things like promoting your website with Google Adwords, paying an SEO company to get your website listed on page one of relevant search engines, creating social media pages and beginning to post regularly on those pages. Some of you have done all of these basic steps, so what’s next?

After you have the basic marketing bases covered, paid social media marketing is the best dollar-for-dollar return on marketing investment you can make. These are three reasons why:

Precise Targeting Saves You Money

While many forms of marketing allow you to target your audience in basic ways, social media enables you to reach a target audience with precision. That has been impossible up until now. Even Google will only allow you to target basic demographics compared to Facebook, Instagram and others. Because of the information we post to social media, those platforms understand who we are and our various interests in a way that even Google can only dream of. This allows you, as a marketer, to present content to a an audience of your choosing. The more defined your audience, the less money you spend on marketing your company to individuals that aren’t potential prospects.

Social Content Can Go Viral

Another major benefit of social media is how easily content can be shared. Coming up No. 1 in a search is a terrific thing because a potential customer is more likely to click through to your website and contact you in some way. Then, you either make the sale or you do not. This is typically a one-to-one transaction. You made an impression on one person and it potentially will lead to that one sale.
But on social media, if you make a positive impression on that targeted person, the benefits can be greater. That person might click through and contact you as well as decide to share your content so their friends can connect with you too. Also, just by an individual simply liking a piece of your content, it has the potential for many of their friends to see it. This makes social media postings much more than a one-to-one transaction. It’s hard to beat social media.

Reach Those Who Aren’t Looking

While I’m the first to say that there are benefits to your website having good search rankings, that only matters once someone’s looking for your product or service. If they’re searching terms you have defined as keywords, then you absolutely want your website and information to appear at or near the top of those search results. But what if a great deal of your potential customers aren’t searching for your product or service? Maybe it’s something that they would readily see the need for, but don’t even know such a product exists? In this case, social media allows you to place compelling content directly in your target’s newsfeed in a way that grabs their attention. If done properly, you can gain a tremendous amount of business by reaching people that didn’t even know they were looking for your particular product or service.
It used to be that you’d need to spend a large amount of money to implement a large marketing campaign. Now, with social media, when you combine the potential of new business with the relative low cost to reach them, the return on that investment is hard to argue with.

These reasons should cause many you to consider the benefits of paid social media marketing. These steps will work together to help your company achieve your desired goal.

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