Upside-Down Thinking by Patric Fransko
by Patric Fransko
March 9th, 2016

3 Ways You’re Killing Your SEO

SEO FranskoSearch engine optimization (better known as SEO). It’s a term almost everyone in business is familiar with and most understand the importance of it as it relates to online marketing. The issue that many business owners run into with SEO is rooted in what information to believe and who to trust regarding this complex and often-changing topic. I want to relate the top three ways that my company sees businesses making mistakes with SEO and how you can avoid or correct them.

  1. There’s No XML Sitemap

An XML sitemap essentially tells a search engine what is on your site. You need to have one and it should be submitted to all major search engines. Makes sense, right? This is literally step one. The problem is that I still see websites without an XML sitemap. Fixing this is easy. Just go to XML Sitemap Generator and you can create one and upload it to your website. Then, you’ll want to submit this sitemap to the major search engines. I suggest at least submitting your completed XML sitemap to Google and Bing if you don’t have time to do an exhaustive submittal right now.

  1. You Don’t Maximize Content

Another issue that I come across is people not getting the maximum amount of benefit from their site’s content. For example, many websites we analyze have lots of pictures but none of them have appropriate titles or tags. If you upload a picture to your site as it comes off the camera, the file name is likely something like 45073944.jpg. The issue is that most people upload the picture to their site and leave it that way.
Search engines give you two opportunities with each picture to tell them what this piece of content is. A search engine will know that a file ending in .jpg is a picture, but it has no idea what 45073944.jpg is. By giving that picture a title and an alt tag, you have the ability to tell the search engine what is pictured there by using descriptive terms that ideally align in some way with your targeted keywords. For example, you can name it ABC Window Tint.jpg. This is an effective way to integrate targeted keywords without keyword stuffing, which we will cover below.

  1. Keyword Stuffing

Many people are understanding the importance of content marketing in their SEO strategy. In addition, integrating appropriate keywords into that content is a great way to improve your search engine results. But it’s not a good idea to stuff that content with keywords in a way that does not read well. Your content should be written in a way that reads well and includes appropriate keywords. If a search engine detects that you’re keyword-stuffing your content, they can actually penalize your site, taking your SEO efforts in the opposite direction.

While this isn’t a comprehensive list of all the ways you can kill your SEO, these three are very common mistakes that can be corrected easily. It does you no good to implement advance SEO techniques if you aren’t even doing the basics right. Take the time to avoid these SEO killers and you’ll have a firm foundation upon which to build.

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