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by Jamie Werner
March 2nd, 2016

What’s Your Brand?

I know, it sounds like an easy question. Have you or anyone else asked what your brand is? Does anything come to mind other than that you install a specific brand of film? Maybe you offer multiple brands of film, which can confuse consumers on the message you’re trying to send. In the overall picture, do you know what branding is and why you should put more focus on your own branding instead of someone else’s? Let’s take a journey down the path-less-followed in today’s paint protection film (PPF) market and expand the possibilities of self-branding and brand awareness.

What’s a Brand?

Branding is a category within marketing that creates loyalty and an image. It could be with a logo, a mission statement or even the fact that it’s the first product or service in that sector. TOM’s shoes are a good example of a brand that is known for their mission statement, not their style. They donate a pair of shoes for every shoe purchased to third world countries that need them. They have a style all on their own, but that was their claim to fame and they’ve stuck to it from the beginning. How about Verizon advertising that they have the greatest coverage everywhere? That’s how they pitch their brand and that’s what they focus on in just about every ad they put out. In the same sense if you see a swoosh, you know it’s Nike. These are only a handful of brands that use a variety of ways to pitch and push their image, which creates loyal buyers and users of their products.

Go with a Logo

We can take a few pages from their book and utilize some of these things in our own shops. Do you have a logo for your company? If not, start using one. Put it on your shirts, hats, website, Facebook page, etc. Consumers will recognize the logo and have an instant connection to a feeling of their experience with you.

What Makes You You?

What sets you aside from your competition? Once you’ve acquired a customer, how do you keep them loyal to your services and not go to someone else for their next vehicle PPF? Is it your stellar waiting area, or maybe a pick-up/drop-off service? You could offer the best warranty regardless of the film you use. Heck, maybe you could throw in a maintenance package of detailing products to take care of their film at no extra charge. Have you thought of doing an open house to invite all of your past customers in to say thanks? Maybe it’s that you’ve become an expert at a certain brand of vehicles and are a specialist for that brand. The point here is that your brand should focus on you, your company and why they should do business with you and not someone else.

Don’t Rely on Them

Your own branding makes it so that you control your own destiny. There are ways to pull leads in with branding from manufacturers without having to compromise your own branding agenda. Too often we rely on the brand or brands of the product we install to generate prospects based on the advertising they use. The problem is that our products/services only penetrate about 3 percent of the new car market. That’s peanuts, people! That means not enough people know what PPF as is, let alone know what manufacturer’s brand to pick. Start looking at the personal brand you promote and concentrate on the message that’s being sent. Is it about you or the product you use? Even though you use an amazing product for your installs, it doesn’t make your install amazing.

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