Upside-Down Thinking by Patric Fransko
by Patric Fransko
April 27th, 2016

Post Quality on Facebook, Not Quantity

Most of us have heard the phrase that quality is greater than quantity. With some recent changes in the way that Facebook decides what business posts to display, this concept may be more important than ever. As of April 21, as part of Facebook’s “Feed Quality Program,” they made changes in an attempt to improve users’ news feed experience.

This is important to those of you using Facebook for business as it will determine how many people will see your posts. It’s time to put out less-frequent, but more quality posts instead of a lot of generic ones. These changes are designed to determine what posts interest users and to populate their news feed with that type of content.

How Does Facebook Decide?

Each day Facebook is asking several thousand people if they like what is showing up on their news feed. This data is used to adjust the algorithms that increase the feed quality for the user. This research is showing that basic interactions like commenting, clicking or liking a post only tell part of the story. Often a user might be interested, but a like or comment might not be warranted, so this update is meant to get to a deeper level of understanding.

As it stands currently, Facebook uses core signals to choose what shows up in a particular user’s feed. These core signals include the interest level of the user in the person or company posting, how the post is performing with other users, the interest level in the person or company’s previous posts, what type of content it is and how recently the content was posted.

The new update also takes into account the length of time a user spends interacting with a post or particular topic to determine if more information of that type should be displayed to them. Finally, the update tries to show you content from a diverse group of posters, so that your entire feed does not get filled with numerous posts from a single source.

How You Can Capitalize

If that all makes sense to you, how does that impact your business? And how should you adapt your Facebook strategy as a result?

In short, focus on posting high quality posts that would be of interest to your target audience. Instead of pumping out three to five posts a week, you might be better served to post one to two higher quality posts you are confident will get a higher level of interaction from readers. You will get a higher visibility for those one to two posts done properly than you would with three to five posts that have a lower interaction/interest level.

Also, spread your posts out. Instead of posting three times in one day, post once on Monday, once on Wednesday and one on Friday. That way, you’ll find your posts will be seen by many more people as opposed to posting three things back to back.

Now more than ever, Quality > Quantity.

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