Window Genie of Kansas City Re-Opens

April 27th, 2016 by Casey Flores

Despite having divorced 6 years ago, Jamie and Kathy Lyndes remain close. From co-parenting to co-owning a business, the couple is redefining life after marriage.

Window Genie

Jamie, Grace and Kathy Lyndes of Window Genie Kansas City with their “Geniemobile.”

They will re-open the Kansas City branch of Window Genie on May 2.

Before purchasing a Window Genie franchise, Jamie worked in corporate America for almost 25 years, most recently in sales support and middle management.

“I made it my 2015 New Year’s resolution to quit my job by the end of the year and go into business for myself,” he says.

Jamie and Kathy met more than 16 years ago in New Hampshire. After moving back to Kathy’s hometown of Kansas City, getting married and starting a family, they got divorced but remained friends.

“We just get along,” Kathy says. “When he told me he wanted to start a business I was on board and supported the idea.”

Kathy works as a radiologic technologist but plans to transition into a full-time role at Window Genie once the business is up and running.

“Right now I’ll be doing everything from answering the phone and scheduling estimates to administrative work like payroll, but eventually I hope to be more involved as a full-time partner in the business,” she says.

Jamie found out about the opportunity through Craigslist.


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