3M Acquires Knifeless Tech Systems

May 4th, 2016 by Casey Flores

If you’ve grown accustomed to using Knifeless Tech Systems’ products for your paint protection film (PPF) installations, you’re now going to have to go through 3M to get it.
Knifeless tape, which replaces knife cutting installation by a tape that pulls up from underneath an installation, has been becoming more widely used recently.

“At 3M, we are always looking for new ways to offer quality, innovative products to our customers, which occasionally includes looking at existing partnerships outside of our own research and production,” says Kimberly Tostrud, product marketer for 3M Commercial Solutions. “Knifeless Tape has long been a valued product in the graphics installation industry, and we are incredibly excited to now include the technology within our robust offering of vinyl products and installation tools.”

To see a video of Knifeless tape in action, view this SEMA edition of the FILM’d newscast, starting at 3:56:

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