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by Jamie Werner
May 4th, 2016

Be Proactive Vs. Reactive

Too often we get so caught up in the mundane tasks that come with either being a business owner or an installer in the paint protection film (PPF) industry. This business is hard enough as it is and operating in it can be a challenge sometimes. Whether it’s price-hagglers, customers giving you the wrong car information, explaining what the product or even a staff member asking for an unwarranted raise. It’s time to get organized and learn from every experience you have in this business. Then you can be more proactive and less reactive.

Habits – Good and Bad

This should be easy, but sometimes we’re creatures of habit. Our whole industry is filled with members who do the same thing day in and day out. It’s comfortable, easy to remember, and usually reliable if it’s a good habit. But not all habits are good, which requires us to be more reactive when situations happen. Most people don’t end up changing those bad habits. By being proactive about them, it gives us the opportunity to make a positive change that will benefit the entire company.

Identify Need Areas

Half the battle is recognizing when a situation can change for the better. Make sure you’re listening with both your ears and your eyes. See what transpires daily and try to hear what the other person is saying. Write down what you see so you can look at the facts and figure out possible solutions.

For example, I had a customer who did almost everything right except set the right expectations. The customer’s thought the coverage was supposed to look different from what was actually covered. The installer didn’t do anything wrong, but the confusion could have been handled way before it even started. After chatting with them, I recommended that one of their cars be covered to show customers what it looks like so that the expectation is met clearly from start to finish. When selling PPF, consumers aren’t always aware of industry standards and what to expect. Using visual cues help translate what we mean with what we say. This is how you can be proactive instead of reactive. Unfortunately, here the customer was unhappy and the company had to react the misinterpretation of “full coverage.”

Ask Yourself Questions

In most cases, it only takes small changes to correct things. Even looking at an employee asking for more money can cause you to look at your current employment structure. Have you set them up to succeed? How were they trained? Could they have been trained better by sending them to a course instead? Are they the right candidate for the job or were you just trying to make someone fit the bill? Could their pay structure be better?

This these questions will cause you to be honest with yourself on how to be better. We should always be open to learning something new. Striving to be better is a natural characteristic to progression or growth. Those who don’t welcome it become complacent and left in the dust by their competitors who have embraced it. We can all make slight changes to be proactive and not reactive. As I always say, exceed expectations every day!

Jamie Werner

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