Tint World Trains Six New Franchise Owners

May 18th, 2016 by Casey Flores

Tint World will soon open six new stores in five states.

The franchise recently finished training the store owners to operate locations in Pennsylvania, California, Texas, Maryland and Illinois. While the Pennsylvania location was recently purchased and taken over by a new owner, the other five locations will be new store openings.

The owners went through three full weeks of classroom and in-store training.

“The goal is for every owner to learn every phase of the business,” says Charles J. Bonfiglio, CEO. “We want them to be familiar with all aspects of how a Tint World is run, from employee and customer interactions to vendor relationships.”

Of the new owners who completed training, Abdual Afghani will own and operate the new San Jose, Calif. store; Pedro Flores will own and operate the new Midland, Texas store; Jeff Rackley will own and operate the new The Colony, Texas store; Stephen Leacock will own and operate the new Owing Mills, Md. store; Brandon Kurth will own and operate the new Rockford, Ill. store; and Brandon Blume, who recently purchased the Pennsylvania location, will own and operate his store in Pittsburgh.

“This group of new owners surprised me at how well they were able to grasp the training information and adapt their business experience to our franchise recipe,” says Paul Pirro, executive vice president of Tint World. “Their diverse backgrounds and previous ownership of other businesses gives them an edge for success.”


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