Upside-Down Thinking by Patric Fransko
by Patric Fransko
July 20th, 2016

How to Drive Better Results by Targeting Facebook Promotions

In my last blog, I discussed changes Facebook made to its content algorithms and gave some suggestions on how to make sure your posts are seen. I also mentioned the importance of promoting content to get it in front of relevant eyes.

Here are some examples on how to promote content with specific targeting in order to achieve the best results for every dollar spent.

  1. Geography

This is the most basic of targeting methods, but some companies don’t do it properly. Facebook allows you to choose the precise area in which you want to promote your content. You can choose from basic methods like the name of a city and the radius around that city you want to target or even focus on specific zip codes you want to see your ad.
You must be as specific as possible. Zip code targeting is always better than a generic radius of a city. Within a radius, you can advertise to areas that don’t have many hot leads. If you choose a city and draw a 25 mile radius around it, you may cover the area you want, but will also include many areas that are not the desired target, thus wasting money.

  1. Age/Gender

Many advertising campaigns we see send out the same content to a blanket audience. It’s always best to target specific content to particular age and gender audiences. It could even be the same in each promotion, but the image you choose for the ad might be different for the male advertisement as opposed to the advertisement targeted at women. This can also be said for people’s age. A headline, picture or graphic that might appeal to someone that is 50 could also cause someone that is 30 to ignore it. Choose the content specifically for the targeted audience.

  1. Interests

One of the best ways to target on Facebook is also the least used by many people. You can promote to people based on their certain interests. This is where Facebook allows you to highlight very particular group with specific types of content. We all have populated our profiles with numerous page likes, groups we’ve joined, etc. Now we can use this data to promote content. Choose what you know would be of interest to a specific group and promote it to them directly.
Here’s how our agency might use all three of these ways to promote a piece of content in a very targeted way. Let’s say that you recently completed work on a local elementary school to help block heat and glare in the classrooms. You’d want to get a picture of the front of the school and maybe another from inside showing half the windows in a classroom filmed and half not for a side-by-side comparison. Now, you have the basis of a good piece of content to promote.

  • First, target the geographic area of that school district. It would be typical that people in that district would be most interested in a job on a school in their area specifically.
  • Second, target men and women with kids of school age. In this situation, maybe target both genders from 25-50 as that should cover people with children at school age.
  • Finally, you could target people that have an interest in the local school district, that particular school, the district PTA or other school groups, etc.

I hope you can see how focused your Facebook marketing can be. These steps will get you far better results in the form of opens, likes, shares, etc. You’ll get a better ROI on the promotion since you’ll only be targeting a relevant group of people. Better post visibility, greater interaction, better results and a lower cost. What’s not to like?

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