Ontario, Canada Implements Strict New Film Laws

July 6th, 2016 by Casey Flores

The Canadian province of Ontario had new laws go into effect last week regarding tint. Whereas the law previously allowed 15 centimeters of film on windshields and a “vague” amount of window tint (according to the International Window Film Association [IWFA] tint law chart) on the front side windows, it now states that no film is permitted on the windshield and front side windows are only allowed 70 visual light transmission.

The Ottowa Police Department lobbied for the change in a March report which called the old law “vague and problematic.” In the past, officers would be required to “describe whether the tinting of windows allows them to adequately view the occupant of the front seat.”

Law implementers are working with the IWFA on how to carry out the new rules best. Their next meeting is in the coming weeks.

While technically the law took effect July 1, it only affects cars built after January 1, 2017. Also of note—the IWFA says that now “any amendments or changes can be done at the ministerial level, as opposed to going through the legislative process,” which will “simplify the ability to make any changes that might be required.”

Police aren’t the only ones celebrating the change in the law—Cyclists are, too.

“If you can’t see effectively out those side mirrors, you have increased risk of striking a cyclist,” Oliver Swainson, owner of a cycling store, told CBC News.

There is no new limit for rear windows, which the law allows to have any amount of tint.


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  1. since my car is 2003 . Does this mean I can apply limo dark tint on all windows :) and or 35% Medium)front windows and 2% rear Blackout)

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