Company Develops Clear Energy-Generating Film

August 10th, 2016 by Katherine Coig

SolarWindow coating

An energy-producing film has been developed and will soon be introduced into the market.

SolarWindow Technologies Inc., developer of SolarWindow coatings, has announced a virtually “invisible system,” the SolarWindow Intra-Connection System, for transporting electricity within the company’s energy-producing windows, which are currently making headway to be used in towers and skyscrapers. The company hopes that its transparent films and new system will alleviate the amount of electrical power consumed in these building—which amounts to 40 percent in America alone—when applied.

The product generates electricity when its transparent, organic films are applied in thin layers to the surface of the glass. According to the company, the Intra-Connection System moves electricity within the coatings by way of previously developed “invisible wires,” which transport electricity across the surface to the edge of the glass, where it’s connected to building electrical systems.

Within the Intra-Connection System’s coating is a pattern of microscopic channels—approximately 50 micrometers wide and twice as thin as an average human hair—which enable the transportation of electricity within the company’s window.

“Today, we move forward in our quest to build skyscraper windows that generate vast amounts of electricity,” says John A. Conklin, president and CEO of SolarWindow Technologies Inc.

Previous attempts at forming intra-connections have used chemical or mechanical systems, which made them more susceptible to damage.

SolarWindow coatings produce energy on glass and flexible plastics with colored tints and can be applied to all four sides of towers. The product utilizes natural and artificial light, including shaded areas.

The product is patent-pending.

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  1. The market has been waiting for this type of product for a long time. I believe it will be a winner if the price bracket is reasonable.Leon Levy Klingshield South Africa

  2. Good Luck to Solar Windows

    I am very interested and waiting to find out when and where will the first installation of Solar Windows will be.

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