ProTint Installers Save North Carolina Woman’s Life

August 17th, 2016 by Katherine Coig

Jason North and Adam Wheatley of ProTint in Kannapolis, N.C., are more than window film installers—they’re heroes. The pair successfully saved Ann Davis’ life as she suffered a heart murmur, which caused it to stop beating, while driving down the road.

North and Wheatley were on their way to complete a tint job on Tuesday, August 9, when they noticed a van driving erratically on highway U.S. 52. Upon passing the vehicle, they noticed the driver seemed to be unresponsive.

“I saw somebody slumped over in the driver seat,” says North. “All I could see was an arm up and some

North and Wheatley visit Ann Davis in hospital.

North and Wheatley visit Ann Davis in hospital.


Without thinking twice, the two men turned their truck around and moved into action to help the driver. North managed to pull Davis out of the vehicle and perform CPR while Wheatley called the paramedics.

“I undid her seatbelt and pulled her out—called 911,” North explains. “There was no heartbeat, nothing.”

The paramedics were able to revive Davis’ heartbeat, and she now has a defibrillator in case her heart stops beating again.

However, North and Wheatley knew their journey wasn’t over yet. They visited Davis in the hospital just to check in on her.

“If someone came and saved our life like that, I’d want to meet that person,” explains Wheatley.

Both men are tinters for the 30-year-old company headquartered in Kannapolis, N.C. ProTint is proud to call them their own, and Davis and her husband are proud to call them heroes.

“To all of my family and friends—please help me say thank you to these two angels. These guys are the reason I still have a wife today. These are the guys that got Ann’s van stopped and got her out. [North and Wheatley] gave her CPR and called 911 … Thank you guys. You are what is still great about our country. These guys are the true American heroes,” says Jimmy Davis, Ann’s husband.

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