Huper Optik Announces Continued Expansion Internationally with Tekton Performance Films

September 14th, 2016 by Editor

Huper Optik continues its expansion as Tekton Performance Films becomes the company’s exclusive Canadian distributor of window films and paint protection films. Since the relaunching of the Huper Optik USA website, as well as launch of the new logo and brand in order to focus on educating consumers on what window film can do for them, there has been an increase in the awareness of window film for commercial and residential properties across the country.

High performance window coatings remain one of the most cost effective energy efficiency improvements that can be made to existing windows. The advantage of improving your glass without having to replace the existing window is a great environmental impact statement. Windows purchased as recently as five years ago can make an improvement in performance with the addition of a high performance film that will save enough energy to pay for the cost of installation in lowered energy bills as quickly as 2-5 years.

With distribution partners continuing to be a big part of Huper Optik’s effort to grow, the company decided to expand the territory to further pursue the abundance of opportunities in Canada.

“Tekton’s values, experience and ability to fulfill as well as create business for our dealer network is exactly what we need in Canada,” says Harry Rahman, Huper Optik’s director of business development.

Tekton Performance Films (TPF) has years of experience in the window film industry—with leadership consisting of a combined 25+ years in the energy efficiency business. George Vanellis has more than 12 years of tested distribution and competitive knowledge and will focus on a supply chain that will provide industry service and support to a network of dealers throughout Canada.

Frank Cavallo, who brings 8+ years of experience, will be driving the commercial business to the network of dealers by creating and specifying projects with the Huper Optik brand.

Jaime has a well-balanced 6+ year experience in the industry, having both an installation and sales background. His focus will be on recruiting professional dealers to the network throughout the Canadian Market.

Tekton has also made a commitment to not compete with their dealers by having a retail division and pass on any jobs they create to their authorized Huper Optik dealers in the area.


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