Weathering the Winter

September 21st, 2016 by Katherine Coig

As the temperature drops and we welcome the start of Fall tomorrow, chances are less tinting opportunities will roll through your shop as the colder months approach. Summer is usually a hot season for tint sales, so how do you prepare your window-film shop for the slow seasons of Fall and Winter? Don’t worry, Window Film magazine got the scoop on how to keep your tint sales hot year-round, no matter the weather. We spoke to a few winter experts who experience the cold seasons longer than most about what helps bring in customers during these upcoming chilly months.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving snow-car

Tint My Ride out of Essex Junction, Vt., doesn’t see much down time in sales despite the harsh winters Vermont experiences. Instead, owners Phillip and Lylle Reynolds utilize gift certificates.

“My wife does search engine optimization,” says Phillip. “We’ll boost ads for gift certificates. It’s the big boom for the gift-giving season.”

According to the company, in as little as two weeks’ time, they’ll sell as much in gift certificates as they will in tint for the whole month of June. In short, don’t underestimate the power of the holiday seasons.

The Power of PPF

If you weren’t pushing paint protection film (PPF), now’s the time to start. It’s a year-round product that has benefits for all seasons, but it can really help drive-in cold season sales.

“PPF is probably 80 percent of my business,” says Dave Coles, owner of Image Autographix & Tint in Saskatoon, Canada. “Guys like it in the summertime because bugs come off easier and in the wintertime, because of all the salt and gravel, the product works great to keep the vehicle damage-free.”

Build Relationships

“Having a good dealer-to-dealer relationship with car dealers is helpful because they’ll push [tint] when they sell a car,” explains John Bartle, location manager of Ziebart in Watertown, N.Y.

Watertown’s located in the Snowbelt, which can see snow averages of five feet every winter. According to Bartle, surviving the coldest of winters can rely heavily on maintaining these relationships to ensure your sales don’t drop as significantly.

“That’s the real thing that makes our winters work, even though they suck,” says Bartle. “Give them [car dealers] a little kick-back, and they’ll send their customers to the right spot.”

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