Getting to the Top

October 6th, 2016 by Katherine Coig

Several industry leaders participated in a panel titled “Getting to the Top.”

Casey Flores, account executive for Window Film magazine, led a discussion with some of the nation’s top window film dealers to find out how they maintain consistent growth and to give advice to those looking to make it to the top, and stay there.

Throughout the discussion, one thing the panelists emphasized was how important a company’s staff is for being successful. While it doesn’t happen all the time, it’s easy to create a competitor within your own company by not sharing the same vision.

“Everyone needs to have their own role. Nobody can do my job, and I can’t do my installers’ job,” said Sid Maharaj, owner of Genesis Window Tinting. “You have to have a joint-vision. Give your staff distinct roles, so you don’t train your own competition.”

Brad Campbell, president and CEO of Campbell Window Film, added, “My staff sees me day in and day out. When they see me working hard, they’ll pick up on my cause and we’ll have the same vision.”

They’ll always be competition, and Keith Garwood, president of All Pro Tinting, says that is actually a good thing for growing your business because it allows for understanding. “Stop worrying about competition. I focus on us and our company. Be your own thing—don’t try to be your competition,” he says. “When our competition gets a job, we ask ourselves, ‘What relationship do we not have? Who do we need to build relationships with?’”

Along the lines of building relationships, Eddy Russell, president of Sunset Glass, suggested what may be the most important relationship to build for growth—the one with your customers. “Be an advocate for your customers. It may make the difference of getting the job or it going to your competition,” he said.

The International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™ is being held this week at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center and San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter in San Antonio. Stay tuned to for more from the event, which continues through Friday.

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