The Two-Sided Upsell with PPF

October 12th, 2016 by Casey Flores

Jamie Werner

How can a dealer use paint protection film (PPF) to upsell? Jamie Werner, national sales manager for PremiumShield had that answer—and it may surprise you.

The real reason to get PPF isn’t to protect from abrasion, Werner said. It’s to protect the resale value of it—much like using a screen protector for a phone.

While the product is relatively still unheard of, the penetration rate for new cars is “growing,” he said, but is still at 3 to 4 percent.

No product is a perfect one. He stressed to dealers in the room not to oversell PPF’s benefits. “It’s not paint perfection; it’s paint protection,” he said. “It’s not going to improve the paint—it’s going to protect it. If you stand three to five feet away and not see it, you’ve done a good job.”

So what’s the first side to the upsell?

He said to offer it on the high-trafficked areas such as door edges. “It takes two minutes per door,” and can result in several thousand more in sales per year due to the higher profit margin PPF offers than tint.

Once dealers start to offer it, he says to track its success, which may mean adding it onto your accounting program or some other program.

The other side of the PPF upsell is going after PPF customers verses a tint customer.

PPF customers are prone to spend more money than the typical tint customers, he said. Why not let tint be the upsell? “These guys love their cars, and they’re willing to spend more money on it,” he explained, noting they’ll add tint on top of PPF more often than tint customers will add PPF.

Beyond those upsells, he said it’s time to educate consumers. When they find out the true value of the product, he said, it makes selling them on PPF so much easier. This includes attending car shows, “cars and coffee,” and other places dealers can reach the car enthusiasts.

He ended his presentation saying, “It’s not just paint protection film—it’s surface protection film. There are other areas and surfaces the film can be applied on.”

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  1. Great points, Jamie! I agree – targeting PPF and upselling tint is a much easier flow than targeting tint and attempting to upsell PPF.

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