Campbell Window Film Boosts LABBC’s Mission

November 9th, 2016 by Editor

Campbell Window Film, 3M’s 2015 National Window Film Dealer of the Year, announced that after installing 3M window film throughout the Howard Hughes Center, which consists of 5 commercial buildings in Los Angeles, annual energy consumption is expected to be reduced by more than 10 percent. This represents 2,059,195 kWh in yearly energy savings. The Los Angeles Better Buildings Challenge (LABBC), is part of a national competition to demonstrate 20-percent energy and water savings by 2020 in existing buildings. The LABBC offers opportunities for local and national recognition, as well as a range of free services to buildings that take the challenge. Los Angeles is attempting to ramp up its energy upgrades to existing buildings. The Howard Hughes Center quickly responded to this challenge with a solar window film installation.

Before installation took place, Campbell Window Film was tasked by the building’s management team with demonstrating the energy-savings and monetary benefits of installing window film. “We did test panels, proof-of-technology tests and BTU readings. We ran an energy analysis for each of the five buildings which showed a huge potential energy savings,” said Brad Campbell, president and CEO. The results were analyzed and verified by a third party energy consulting firm. The project presented a sizeable energy-savings opportunity. The estimated annual savings are approximately 10.51 percent of the annual energy costs. When you consider the mentioned yearly energy savings, the decision is an easy one for commercial property owners who need a reliable way to offset rising energy costs. “It really doesn’t make sense NOT to do it,” Campbell insisted. The project got the green light for the company to install 3M Night Vision 25 window film on 225,000 square feet of glass, and it was completed ahead of schedule. “I expect the tenants are happy knowing that the Howard Hughes Center is working hard to offset the ever-rising costs of electricity and mitigate rate hikes,” said Campbell.

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