ClearPlex Talks Asset Acquisition

November 23rd, 2016 by Katherine Coig

Madico Inc., has acquired certain assets of ClearPlex Corporation, including windshield protection films, for an undisclosed amount.

Madico has acquired ClearPlex's windshield protection film and screen protection business.

Madico has acquired ClearPlex’s windshield protection film and screen protection business.

The acquisition closed last Thursday, according to Peter Jensen, CEO of ClearPlex, but the two companies are still in the transition phase. He noted that ClearPlex will still operate independently, as Madico is only acquiring its windshield protection films, which was manufactured by Madico, and its screen protection business ProtectionPro.

“We’re currently working on integration,” says Jensen. “But we will maintain our organization, maintain our product line and our face to the consumer.”

It was a natural transition, according to Jensen, since ClearPlex and Madico had maintained a close business relationship prior to the acquisition.

“Madico will be introduced to a whole new market of films,” he says, addressing ClearPlex’s ProtectionPro, an electronic screen protection film that’s made in consumer electronic stores without the need for inventory.

“They’ll leverage-up our existing sales,” explains Jensen, referencing Madico’s global resources. “It’s just what ClearPlex needs at this time in our development.”

Both parties are excited about the acquisition, as Jeffrey Plummer, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Madico states, “We see this as a perfect and natural fit and are very pleased that our close business relationship has brought us to this point.”

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    Unfortunately, I think that’s a question better left to be answered by those in the industry who have experience using this product.

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