Blindsided: N.Y. Inspection Law Takes Tinters by Surprise

January 4th, 2017 by Katherine Coig

It’s a new year, and for some tint shop owners across New York State, it’s bringing a lot of change. On November 28, 2016 Governor Cuomo signed a bill into law that states as of January 1, testing the VLT of window tint is now a mandatory part of a vehicle’s annual state inspection test. New York State law already required a 70-percent visible light transmission (VLT) or higher, one of the highest VLT requirements of any state. It wasn’t strictly enforced until now. The new inspection law caught some tint shop owners off-guard.

“They basically blind-sided us with this,” explains Christian Zagami, owner and operator of WC Tint in Staten Island, N.Y. “They’ve tried to pass this for years, so we didn’t pay much attention. But come July-August, it started getting more attention. And the next thing we know, the bill was passed in what seemed like overnight.”

Prior to the new law’s enactment, police officers would use tint meters to test VLT at their discretion, but now, all auto inspection shops must be equipped with tint meters to test for compliance with the state’s tint law. If a vehicle’s tint registers below 70 percent, it won’t pass inspection.

“Right now, our business hasn’t been affected completely,” says Zagami. “We have noticed—starting this past weekend—that a few people have come to us to have film removed after failing their inspection.”

But it’s not the required window tint inspection that has installers across the state worried—it’s the high VLT that’s required. “Personally speaking, I believe the current New York law is unreasonably severe and does not strike a proper balance between allowing the public to have the proven positive benefits of window tinting on their vehicles and still not creating an unsafe situation for police officers or other drivers and the public at large,” says Darrell Smith, executive director of the International Window Film Association (IWFA), emphasizing that this is his personal belief. He adds that the IWFA has worked for more than 25 years with law enforcement, inspection and public safety officials to educate them about the proper uses of reasonable levels of window tinting. Smith is also careful to note that the VLT law in New York State has not changed, just the measures in which it will be enforced. “The reality is that the IWFA, while working to change the situation from an unreasonable law to a more balanced one we can help support and enforce, will in no way interfere with a state enforcing its current laws,” he says.

And Zagami agrees. “It’s tough because 35 percent [VLT] is legal in 40 other states,” he explains. “We understand the reasoning behind the law; we’re a big advocate of civil servants and promoting their safety. We’ve always recommended our customers to stay light with tint. You’ll get the beauty of tint and all it has to offer. Police officers need to be able to see inside of a car, and 35 percent would allow that.” According to a report by CBS New York, the new inspection law serves to protect police officers in the event of a traffic stop. “In 2007, Det. Russel Timoshenko and his partner, Sgt. Herman Yan, were shot during a routine traffic stop. Officials said the excessive tint on the vehicle’s windows preventing them from being able to look inside. Timoshenko was killed. His partner was wounded, but survived,” CBS stated.

Zagami has even been in contact with both the the senator’s office and the bill’s author. “It seems they passed this bill without any kind of knowledge of window film,” he explains. “… When I spoke with the lady who wrote the bill, I asked her if they took into account that some cars, like the Mercedes Benz S Class, have a factory tint that has a VLT lower than 70 percent. Her response was ‘We didn’t know about that.’ How do you pass a law without any kind of knowledge on the subject?”

Zagami believes the new inspection law combined with the 70 percent VLT will put many small shops out of business. And he’s not alone in that belief.

“It’s absolutely going to push some tint-shops out of business,” says Dan Dinardo, owner of Auto Trim Design in White Plains, N.Y. “New York State has a very unreasonable law. Window tint is something that has value. When used responsibly, it has great benefits. 35 percent is reasonable for both police officers and consumers.”

But Dinardo thinks it was a political move more than anything else; calling it “an easy victory for New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio,” and less about championing the cause of law enforcement protection. De Blasio had proactively called upon Governor Cuomo to pass the law. “A lot of these cases where there’s an officer shot are happening from the back of SUVs, which are allowed to have really dark tint, and it’s perfectly legal. It’s federal law,” he says. But he echoes Zagami, saying he, too, wants to promote officer safety, but the VLT requirement is exceptionally high.

Other tint shop owners aren’t waiting around to see a deficit, as is the case for David Romano, owner of Next Level Tint in Mamaroneck, N.Y. “I’m actually really scared on how this is going to affect my business. I’m already looking into moving to either Florida or California,” he explains. “I honestly don’t want to wait and see what happens or lose any more money.”

But Zagami is doing everything he can to make sure his shop, as well as all other tint shops across the state, have a secure future. “I’ve been in contact with the IWFA, not to combat this law, but hopefully to raise the legal limit in New York State.”

In the meantime, he’s remaining hopeful. “We’re going to abide by the law, try to maintain customers and just hold on. We don’t want to fight the law, we don’t mind cars being inspected; we just want to change the legal limit to 35 percent. In my opinion, a little something is better than nothing,” he says. “We do paint protection films and residential/commercial installations, but a good chunk of our business is in auto.”

But Zagami wants to make one thing clear to all New York tinters, “We may be competition, but we all need to come together for this cause to help get all of us out of this. We have to figure out a way to get something going to [change the legal limit.]”

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  1. So true what Mr. ZAGAMI is saying.
    Keep the tint at a reasonable level.
    So u still have safety for all and people can use the tinting. For some of us we need tinting due to eye problems it takes the severity of glare off the drivers eyes. And enables us to see clearer while driving. Safety first.

  2. So true what Mr. ZAGAMI is saying.
    Keep the tint at a reasonable level.
    So u still have safety for all and people can use the tinting. For some of us we need tinting due to eye problems it takes the severity of glare off the drivers eyes. And enables us to see clearer while driving. Safety first.

  3. Having 70% of light coming in is like having a thin layer of Saran Wrap on your window. I personally don’t mind the law being implemented but change the law to at least 35% tint for vehicles.

  4. The law should be changed period. Asking people to get tint that allows 70% light is absurd. Police officers have dark tints on their vehicles, will their cars pass inspection? Yes. Will their personal cars with dark tints pass? Of course. If it applies to normal citizens it should apply to officers as well.

  5. I understand and agree about the safety of our Police Officers…But why can’t people have the right to protect their expensive investment of their cars interior from the damaging Sun rays, and people who may have eye problems with bright sun or keeping the car cooler and sun off a baby that might be in the back seat….I think a better Law would have been that “if you want to have tinted windows and are pulled over by the Police you MUST roll down ALL your windows !! The officers can also instruct and insist on you doing it over their Vehicles PA system before approaching when they know your windows are tinted..And if you don’t comply it can be an additional fine .. People invest Alot of their hard earned money in their vehicles , they should have the right to do what they want or need to protect it and themselves and other passengers… It’s another law created for revenue money and to impose somewhat senseless fines on Hardworking citizens and Americans…

  6. As a New York State inspector AND window tinter, inspection stations are not allowed to notify customers their vehicle will not pass the New York State inspection with tint. We have to fail it, charge the customer for their failed inspection and they must take it and have it removed. When they return with their vehicle (window tint removed) charge them again for the inspection. Ridiculous

  7. I’m a small mom and pop shop on Staten Island , been in business here for 9yrs. This new law already affected me by 50% I’m worried that I’m gonna go out of business. I certainly agree on Police officers safety but I really don’t think that by enforcing this new tint law is gonna change anything but put us small shops out of business. I pay my taxes and it’s not fair that because of this I may be in the street won’t be able to feed my family, everyday at night I cry myself to sleep, not knowing what to do. I started this business from the bottom and worked it all the way to the top all by word of mouth. I want to get together with all the tint shops out here in New York and have these politicians listen to what we have to say, educate them on window tint benefits.

  8. Yes what about all these new vehicles that are coming out with dark privacy factory tint. This law is only going to hurt the middle class people trying to make a honest living.The many benefits of the product needs to be taken into account.Why are the large car manufactures exempt from this law, I spouse becuse of their wealth and size. Surely a law is for all?These people who write these bills need to do their homework properly and load their brains before taking such action. Leon Levy klingshield South Africa

  9. I would like to take a special time to pay my respects to every one of the police officers risking there lives every day to keep our communities safe. I understand the need for this law, but it doesn’t mean we have to eliminate window tints completely. Window tints are legal in 40 states. Which also provide a numerous amount of health benifits. There should be a mandatory process of approach for the vehicles that are tinted. Like rolling the windows down. For the safety of both parties. I have been tinting windows for more than 18 years now . With my experience every car is different when applying film due to the color of the interior from light to dark, and may I add 50% & 35% is very light & perfectly visiable. Every car is laminated with 77% which means if the vehicle is applied even with 85% window film it will mark up on the tint meter 56% which will STILL fail the New York State inspection. Do we have a right as American people to protect our investment & personal belongings. Those who seek robbery of one who can afford an expensive car. Those who want to protect the sensitive skin of their babies & children from cancerous sun rays. Those who can’t afford to fix their air conditioning, and rely on tints to keep their vehicle cool. If we can at least lower the VLT shade to 50% it would be a huge help for every single shop owner & free lance contractor to continue to pay our taxes & provide for our families as American citizens. I surely believe with or with out tints there will still be innocent people being harmed from reckless driving & senseless ruthless crimes. There has to be some common ground!

  10. The absurd part of this entire change is that the folks that tint their windows to hide illegal activity will still have tinted windows. In addition, shootings will occur as before, only now from the rear of the car. Politicians all use our tax money to ride around in limousines so in the back, their windows are always tinted. As we all know, our politicians concern for average citizens is totally gone. We have become a government of the government, by the government, and for the government. The rest of us simply don’t count.

  11. As a driver in NYC, and a person that suffers severely from CVS (Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome) which is triggered by UV light. It is a rare condition that is really MIGRAINES OF THE STOMACH, caused by food, stress, and UV light. I have had 20% tint on my car since I was 16 years old. I am now 44, and I received my first tint ticket last Monday. I was unaware of the new inspection laws. My 2017 ACURA RLX was purchased, and inspected, in December. After the overzealous cop wrote me TWO tint tickets (could have given me four), I went online to see that there is a medical exemption form MV-80. I was shocked to see that only 3 ailments qualified, and in BIG BOLD LETTERS, the form states ONLY THOSE 3 AILMENTS would qualify. Unfortunately, CVS was not one of them. I went directly to my Neurologist for a letter, and provided a copy of my MRI from January 23, 2017. Sll necessary documentation was mailed up to Albany on Monday (one week aftery two tickets were issued). Once I had said documentation in hand, I plead NOT GUILTY to the NYC TVB and mailed them in. I will receive a court date, where I will present the documents to the judge. Hopefully the judge will be sympathetic to my plea. My CVS landed me in ICU for 5 days in 2015. Yes, the attack was triggered by UV LIGHT! Ambulance brought me in. I was totally unconscious for 15 hours. No recollection of the event until I came to. I had to be intibated, and was suffering from PolyNystagmus the entire time I was unconscious. The 19 year old NYPD officer did not care one bit. I will now travel with my documentation in case I get pulled over again. I really hope the NY DMV allows for my issue. 70% is useless to me, EVEN WITH GLAUCOMA GLASSES! My heart goes out to all of the mom & pop tint companies in NY. I really hope we can all work together to change this ridiculous law. I have A LOT of Cop friends, and of course I want them safe, but criminals will still have TINT no matter what the laws, just like they will get guns, no matter how hard the laws may be. If anyone is willing to shoot a Cop, do you really think they care about tint or gun laws? Not one bit. If they cannot accommodate me, I will HAVE to move. One more attack like that one, and I could have a massive stroke. I cannot afford to pay $98 for every single tint ticket I may get. I am a 44 year old Catholic school teacher in NYC. I always comply with all laws. I am not a threat. NY is becoming a POLICE STATE. SAD BUT TRUE!

  12. Who is going to enforce this Inspection Law when a badge is flashed at the Inspection station and they let all the police officers have what ever tint they want. Go to your local police station and take a look at their personal vehicles. Lets keep the standard the same for ALL even if the 70% is ridiculous. I know this is true as my step brother is a NYS Trooper and he has had his cars inspected this year and kept his BLACK OUT tint!
    COME ON! and you wonder why people have issues with law enforcement. The LAWs don’t apply to them?

  13. Link for the NYS Law

  14. This is ridiculous! I got a tint ticket a few days ago. I have an 01′ VW Jetta. On the bottom corner of every window is embossed the window ID# and it says *tinted* with the VW logo. There is no tint film, the GLASS is tinted. I went to my mechanic and he explained the new law, checked my window. . . Only 29%, not 30. Are you kidding me? I now have to contact VW to get a printout that it is factory tinted glass, not a film. If that doesn’t work i may have to replace my windows out of pocket.

  15. Absurd is a great choice of words. If I get pulled over, I always roll down all four windows, place my hands out the window holding my keys. I have never had a single point on my license in 28 years of driving, and have always made EVERY Cop feel safe if they approached my car during a traffic stop. I know the rules, and always play the game. I am respectful, honest, and have only been pulled over maybe 3x in my life. Once was for tint, at JFK airport, about 5 years ago. Once the cop saw that I was a grown man, and I told him I was a Catholic school teacher, he chuckled. Just for fun, he got his tint o meter, measured my tint, and saw that only 11% got through. He told me to drive safely, and have a nice day. I did not even need to explain my medical situation. He evaluated the situation, deemed it safe, and let me go.

    Every incident has different circumstances. Any veteran police officer should base their decision to ticket, or not, on each driver they pull over. I am friends with a lot of NYPD officers, both active and retired, and they all told me to plead NOT GUILTY, and simply show my medical documentation to a judge. There may be a court fee, which is fine. I am not worried about fines, and I know there are no points for an equipment violation, but I will have to take a day off from work. It is worth it because this is about THE PRINCIPLE. Any good officer would, at least, listen to a drivers explanation before making a decision. The NYPD highway cop last week had made his decision to issue me a tint summons before he even got out of his patrol car. It was blatantly obvious when he told me to “save whatever $hit I was spewing for the judge”.

    I also tried explaining that I had JUST picked up my 11 year old Dachshunds INSULIN and syringes, and needed to get to him because his blood sugar was 719 and he was in a DIABETIC COMA! I SHOWED HIM THE INSULIN BOTTLE AND NEEDLES!!! My wife had just called me, and she was frantic, because he was disoriented, and in a very dangerous life threatening situation. He had pulled me over in the traffic, and when I told him my dogs situation, he asked, “what does that have to do with tinted windows. Do you think your sick dog gives you the right to break the law, it’s not like I pulled you over for speeding”!….I was frantic, and he clearly saw that, and I begged him to let me get to my dog. I asked if he could just mail me the tickets, yet he kept me there, on the side of the highway, for 45 MINUTES, and wrote me TWO tickets! By the time I made it home to give my dog his insulin, he was NEAR DEATH! If he kept me 5 more minutes, Winston would have died. It took DAYS to get his glucose under control again. It was mental agony on me and my wife who was texting me like crazy. I asked the officer if I could call her at that moment and he said “sure, if you want a texting while driving ticket worth two points today too”…He was horrible. I plan to make a formal complaint against the officer for his lack of human decency, and use of foul language (Both are NO NOs for the NYPD)… Funny thing is, the guys that told me to file an official complaint with the NYPD Internal Affairs office were also NYPD cops! They said that cops like that kid who wrote me, are the one’s who make all the rest of them look bad! I did not even think about doing that! I also found out that he will most likely never face any consequences, which is fine by me, but no matter the outcome, right, wrong, or indifferent, my complaint will sit in his personel file for the next 20 years of his career. No matter where he works, even if he transfers to a different unit, or even a different state, if his name is looked up professionally, the complaint will come up, and he will be reminded of the day he gave me those two tint tickets. If he treated me like that, a 44 year old Catholic School Teacher, I can only imagine how he would treat other people. He may want to tone it down a notch, and work on his interpersonal skills a bit. If anyone has any more advice, I’ll gladly listen. Thank you all…

  16. That is REALLY ridiculous! Wow. If I were you, I’d plead NOT GUILTY, and fight it. 1% of a difference is crazy. These NYPD cops are out of control with this tint law from what I hear. Not only should you get out of it, you should carry the dismissal receipt with you in case any more cops pull you over. It is a $98 fine. Replacing all of your glass would cost at least $1000! Best of luck. Keep us all posted please!

  17. I have to agree that this law is crazy!!!

    I just went and failed inspection. Now I have to have my factory installed tinting removed from when my car was brand new? WTH!

  18. This needs to be changed! Hopeful.

  19. I dont understand this new law. The cops are going to feel unsafe in any situation why cause everyone to suffer. Window tint isn’t the problem. I have a car with tinted windows and You can see in and out of them. I don” understand why Cuomo is against tint when I am sure his car is tinted. Is this law for everything from limos to buses and including his car. I am sure he drives around with a tinted car. I want to see him drive around with 70% tint on his windows.

  20. I have another comment as well. If we the people of New York have to remove our tint from our windows, then the state, city and village police cars should have to remove theirs as well. I live in Syracuse and the whole force has tinted windows how is that safe for us as the people. If they feel unsafe then we do too.

  21. I’m a law enforcement officer and I will say that we too are affected by the law. I have never been pulled over for my tints- I run 35% so as everyone here says light enough to see through but dark enough to be effective for sun protection and privacy. The inspection shops are unfortunately caught in the middle of this and no one (except of course elected officials operating in their “emergency” vehicles) will be spared.

    The only fix here is to change the law to be reasonable at 35% VLT. that means probably getting 50+% film over the factory tinted glass.

  22. Honestly there should just be a law about rolling your windows down when pulled over. Tie it in with some other noncompliance or resisting charge if necessary, or make a new offense entirely. . . It doesn’t matter what tint your windows are if you are complying with the questioning officer.

    I have my rescue pitbull in my car all the time. Before it was tinted kids would mess with him through the window. K9 officers use tinted rear glass for the exact same reason, and I don’t think its fair that he should suffer as a result.

    Regardless of all of this, I just looked up a medication that I take for a long term stomach ailment, and one of its potential side effects is “photo-sensitivity to UV light.” I’m quite sure my primary care doctor will understand my predicament, and although it isn’t necessarily the easiest means to get my way I’m quite sure that I’ll be reporting such sensitivity on my next visit.

    I’m interested to see how many similar requests that the state has to field this year.

  23. One can argue that having dark tint on our vehicles is a personal safety measure. If we’re invisible to say, a would be carjacker, they may think twice before targeting our vehicle rather than risk that the driver may be prepared. Politicians need to start looking at the entire picture before making these decisions. Repeal this law, now.

  24. All great ideas. I submitted my first MV-80 application for a tint exemption using my Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome as the medical reason. This condition is triggered by Migraines which are triggered by UV light. My Neurologist wrote a detailed letter. CVS landed me in ICU for 5 days in June 2015. I was intubated, unconscious, suffering from severe Nystagmus (so much so that my Neurologist took video to share with colleagues). I landed in the hospital again in October 2016 (NO ICU THAT TIME). That’s when I decided to tint my windows. That was also indicated in my letter). However, someone by the name of L. Briggs sent me my DENIAL letter claiming that CVS is not a NYS approved illness for tint. I was shocked.

    My Neurologist has now written a 2nd letter indicating my sensitivity to UV light because I am on 6 of the 8 medications that cause phototoxcicity (according to NYS). My elderly mother, who I care for everyday, is also on one of the meds, and that too was indicated in my documentation.

    From what I have read online, I don’t think anyone has ever been issued an exemption sticker in NYS. I have all of my documents on my car’s visor to show the next NYPD cop that pulls me over. I am hoping that the next cop will understand my dilemma, and just let me go (wishful thinking I know…lol).

    I have 50% tint on my car sides and back glass. Nothing on windshield. The last time I was harassed by the NYPD, I was issued 2 tickets ($98 each. Court date 12/26/17 at 1pm. The court is probably hoping that I can’t make it being it is the day after Christmas. I’ll be there to show the judge my medical records). The NYPD told to apply for the exemption. The meter claimed only 31% of the light got through. He said it must be 70% or higher. I have a ton of friends and family who are LEO’s, so safety is a concern of mine. IMO, allowing the rear window to be any darkness (even painted) defeats the whole purpose. This has nothing to do with safety. It is all about generating revenue at the expense of the already suffering taxpayers!

    I wish everyone luck with this battle! My wife says I should just pay the tickets, & have the tint removed, but at this point it is the principle. I suffer daily from this potentially deadly condition, and window tint is just another tool in my toolbox to fight against CVS. Cops don’t have the right to override a Doctor’s letter, nor do the folks that work at the DMV.

    I will keep this group updated once I get my next reply to my second MV-80 (any day now. Took a month to get my first denial)…

    If anyone would like to write to L. Briggs (the person that seems to make the decision to DENY everyone tinted windows), please write to:

    L. Briggs
    c/o Department I Motor Vehicles
    Driver Improvement Bureau
    Medical Review Unit
    6 Empire State Plaza
    Room 337
    Albany, NY 12228

  25. Agreed 100%. I work in a really bad area of the Bronx, and worry constantly about being carjacked. The tint deters would be theives. I will not back down from this. I have an attorney on retainer to write to the DMV also if need be.

  26. this law is completely retarded ! Another 40 states do just fine with 65%…. Cuomo and de Blasio… you guys should be ashamed of yourselves for pushing this law through…. now many businesses supporting families (and paying NYS taxes also by the way) will go out of business thanks to your stupid excessively obscene law !!! If you guys had any sense whatsoever, you would change it to 65%…. the 5% makes VIRTUALLY NO DIFFERENCE !!!! 65% is more safe than enough for EVERYBODY…

  27. This new law is absolutely ridiculous. Any time I have ever been pulled over I roll all of my windows down long before the officer(s) approach my vehicle. I do this so they can see inside my vehicle and I don’t get shot. Yes even in the dead of winter I roll all of my windows down. They have a tough enough job without me adding to it. This law is not necessary and will hurt everyone in the long run.

  28. I put all my windows down before.that cop even pulled me over. Was a nice day. However, the cop made me put all my windows up to use his meter. He pulled me over on a HUNCH that because my rear window was tinted, the rest of my windows must have been as well. If the rear window tint can legally be as dark as we want, then what gave that cop the right to make me put up my 4 other windows? My attorney said I did not have to, buy I could just imgine the penalties for NOT LISTENING TO THE NYPD. I’d rather not find out. I am a lae abiding citizen, and I hate confrontation, so I did what I was told. Still no letter or exemption from the DMV. I’m certainly not holding my breath!

  29. Most drivers of cars with tinted windows are young men, most of whom probably don’t have eye problems. There must be another reason they tint the windows so dark. Not good, now not legal. Hooray for the new law in New York State! Improves safety for all the other drivers.

  30. This is absolutely stupid. My 2012 car’s factory installed windows don’t pass inspection. What the hell am I supposed to do?

  31. The worst part about this law is that before it was just the passage and drive windows but for cars the rear side windows now apply!! This is bull for parents with kids because we had just the passengers in the back windows tinted and the rear window. Yet my SUV can have as dark of tint on the same windows that my car is considered illegal. I agree that people with tinted windows should roll them down. Where are all those democrats that like to protest now because we could sure use them about this ridiculous law. As a military veteran I believe in keeping law enforcement safe but guess what the ones that break the laws and shot them will find away to keep their tint!!

  32. I don’t have an eye problem Jerry. I have a documented BRAIN problem Jerry. I suffer daily from UV light. I’m 44. Great law pal. You obviously didn’t read any of my prior posts. NY is the worst state in the country for EVERY law. They treat us with a blanket law that ASSUMES we all just criminals. Open your EYES nd read these posts. You must be a cop.

  33. Is your window tint an Assault Weapon?
    Find out here:

    Brought to you by, the same goons who passed this law overnight.

  34. Thats unbelievable! People can buy an AK-47 with no problem. Yet I am being harassed and grilled The tint law is just another way for NY to generate money.They just extort the innocent good people out there. Sadly, we are easy targets. Most of us just pay our tickets, accept the consequences, and move on. At the very LEAST, I will get my shot, in front of the judge, with a giant medical folder proving I need tinted windows.I refuse to just get walked in. I work hard for my salary. They WILL NOT steal it from me.

  35. I am a 49 yo female and I had my windows tinted on my 2012 white Mazda 3 years ago because it make the car look cool. I had never been pulled over in this car. Just got oil changed and asked dealership to check windows to see if they will pass. Nope. Money wasted. I hate NY. Googled how to take the stuff off myself and learned a clothes steamer and some windex would do the trick. Spent 20 on a steamer and was amazed how easy it was to remove the tint from one window all in one piece! I plan to do the rest before my inspection is due in August. No way in hell I was going to pay someone some more money to remove it. Going to miss the tinted windows though. Still hate NY.

  36. KEITH,

    Have you heard back from your second attempt at the MV-80W?

    This man has denied my MV-80w previously even with my doctor listing my severe drug photosensitivity which is allowed for the exemption. I plan on speaking with a lawyer, and forwarding my documentation to NY Senator. It’s ridiculous to list valid exemptions and deny applications that comply with every single requirement!

  37. I have been denied two times now. I also take care of my mother, who is also extremely light sensitive because she is allergic to UV light due to multiple medications. She appied as well. 70 year old woman. She was denied also. Three denials in 45 days! So, even though it is a valid exemption, they refuse to give me or my mom the legal right. I sent in a full Medical history, along with 2 doctors letters, and was still denied. I was able to get a disability parking permit for my migraine situation and the documents clearly state I need tinted glass. I am hoping that the next time I get pulled over, the cop will see all of these letters and documents, and let me go. Wishful thinking I know. Let me know if you want to approach an attorney. They are blatantly disregarding THREE different MD letters! It’s disgraceful!

  38. Were you also denied by L. Briggs? I wonder what credentials Briggs has? Certainly not an MD and definitely not qualified to override a Neurologist who’s care I have been under since 6/2015. Apparently me going to ICU for 5 days has no bearing on my case. I posted the contact info for Briggs above. Time to push that name up the line till someone does something about them. They are blatantly disregarding documented proof, knowingly. Has to be consequences!

  39. I will remove and reapply each year for inspection. It’s medically that important, and worth every penny to me!

  40. have a 40 Plymouth coupe hotrod with smoke gray glass in it been in it for over thirty years since car was built , never any problem as it is no darker than many factory glass , guess ill have to see if it passes “” if not new glass all the way around ?? ny, should of grandfathered some old cars

  41. Great article!! Even though I know a lot of people didn’t like the new rules it is so important to protect our officers. Even more so in today’s world in a popular city.

  42. The true insult to public safety is that Laws like this are tax dollars being wasted in terms of law enforcement and judicial process. It is now wonder we have a massive heroin epidemic and other crime issues here in New York when you see the focus of cops and legislature and courts all tied up dealing with “window tint”. Let’s step back and look at the real question here: “Does this law or frivolous laws like it help make America Great?”

  43. Nonsense. First of all you talk about glare while you’re driving. So what are you suggesting? That you tint your front windshield? That’s insane. And against the law period, regardless of the tint level. If you have trouble driving at night due to glare I’m sure they make glasses for that. Tinting your windshield only makes a serious situation even more dangerous. Sorry I can’t agree with you here.

  44. Mark in a perfect world it would nice if everyone rolled down all their windows at a traffic stop but the reason we’re having this discussion at all is because there are bad peolle out there who don’t comply with the police officer’s instructions. Yes law-abiding drivers will roll down all their windows. Drivers who are attempting to conceal what they’re doing or worse have a gun at the ready because they just stole that car or robbed someone STILL puts the officer at a grave disadvantage when they fail to comply. That’s like the argument about gun-free zones. Do you think Armed Criminals care about gun-free zones?

  45. You know what’s really sad those who who intent on breaking the law. tinted windows or not they’re going to break the law and if that means shooting and officer they’re going to do that! So to me the only people being inconvenience is the ones paying taxes and doing the right things. So once again this is not a nation of freedom because the same people with talking about protecting break the laws buy their vehicles they drive and their own personal vehicles just stand outside a police station

  46. Yes, keep cops safe. Simply pass a law that requires ALL DRIVERS to roll down all windows when pulled over. Period. Tinted or not! Think of how much more money NY can rob from non compliant drivers! Much more money than just off of tint, and cops would be safe all the time. This would mean EVERYONE! The real argument is that the DMV is denying everyone! Even those of us that have REAL MEDICAL PROBLEMS THAT REQUIRE TINT! What gives them the right to override my Neurologist? CORRUPTION! That’s it!

  47. Spot on!

  48. Spot on!

  49. So glad I don’t live in that prison state anymore! NY is such a joke! Get out while you still can.

  50. With global warming and the earth’s shield not protecting us from solar rays this maybe an issue with people that have sensitive skin conditions like myself. There has to be a way to combat this issue.

  51. I, have one comment. “A state law that generates monies for municipalities and places the hard-working- Americans’ people on the unemployment lines”!

  52. This is a bogus law. First off, paramedics don’t show up unless you call them. Fire department don’t show up until you call them. However, employees of any one of thousands of various police departments tint their windows like they are the president and run around stalking everyone into submission. For what? A violation of a legislative rule, regulation or code written by people who tint even their front windshields on their personal and family’s vehicles?

    Cops are worried about safety, yet they stalk every man women and child in the hopes of escalating a “routine” (which there is no such thing) stop into some drug bust. We all know the drill. It’s not new.

    The absence of window tint causes more danger to the vehicle occupants than to the cops safety. Ever stop at a light in NYC? Every other corner has some one with an entitlement complex approaching your car looking for a handout. And they get quite aggressive when you turn them down. Then what? You persons illegally prevent us from defending ourselves. And y’all don’t ever protect us. Just read Warren v. D.C.

    Well news flash! There are more city vehicles and cop family owned vehicles with limo black window than your average joe.

    I like tinted windows, because they keep the hot sun out, my personal property out of sight and vagrants from banging on my windows looking for handouts…

    This is just another way to milk money out of average law abiding People of New York state…

    I support anyone who disregards bad laws like this; even when we don’t even need those extortioner’s tax plates and useless stickers on the windows of our cars (not yours) to exercise Our Right to Travel in the Conveyance of the Day.

    That’s My Opinion. Protected by the Federal and State Constitution, as well foreign and domestic law…

  53. This new law is completely ridiculous. One more reason to leave NY.

  54. I have multiple medically documented ailments requiring tint. One of which is on the exemption list (medication related skin\UV ray disability. Enough for a handicap permit, yet I have been denied a window tint exemption. I followed all rules, and sent in all necessary documents proving that I, and my elderly mother whom I take care of and chauffeur around weekly, suffer from UV light. It is not an eye problem, it’s a skin problem. Nothing matters. We get the same standard denial form letter from the DMV no matter which one of us applies, or what our medical records prove. I don’t even understand why there is an MV-80 form, considering I’ve never heard of an exemption being granted, nor can I even find a picture of what this illusive exemption sticker looks like. I don’t believe it exists in NY! The state of false hope. I’ll just have to keep paying up to FOUR $98 tint tickets each time I get harassed whether I roll down my windows or not. I’m a 45 year old Catholic School Teacher! Not some kid trying to make my car look cool. Interns at the DMV, who have zero medical training, are the ones making the decisions on exemptions. The tint law is a totally corrupt scam! Another one to add to the list of money making schemes in the state of NY.

  55. It is about time. Kids in my city like to pull up beside you with blacked out windows. Then scream harassment when police walk up to their car with their hand on their gun. I would to. It’s a cultural thing. I drive in the suburbs of my city, people have window tints but you can see faces. The closer I get to my city home, the darker the windshields become. Kids like it because it makes it easier to text and drive distracted. Many now drive with ear buds in so they can’t hear a horn or Emergency Vehicle coming. This is like people who demand to be told what intersections have a camera to record when they run a red light. Make a lane in the road like they have bike lanes. Where all distracted drivers can use with their blacked out windshields. They will probably say that it is discrimination and that they have a RIGHT to endanger everyone else. they are wrong

  56. Sadly I find the test is being done inconsistent with fact. As a Master Printer I was required to do density testing every day for 40 years. I have found there is a difference between reflective and base tints NY State does not take this into their law as does other states with tougher laws. Also the measure is inaccurate the way it is done. Saying that some tints only allow at the so called 30%, 70% of light to enter is way off and False this can be proved with. Different light sources emit different frequencies, so a test using an led light source will be different from a test using a halogen light source. Until a unified test can be done on a clean surface with a light source that conforms to the human eye’s ability, I find the test useless, also suspect to a lot of inaccuracy.

  57. Sadly The Whole system is greatly flawed beginning with the direction on which the meter is used. You will find a different reflective index by moving the light source from the glass side to the tint side. Also NY State does not count the reflective index of the tint as other states just the VLT, this becomes a problem because if the meter is used one way or the other you get different readings, because visible light is affected by reflection. I myself have done density readings on film for over 30 years up until film became obsolete in the print industry and in all cases we were required to zero out the DENSITOMETER first as you would with even a digital scale, also the film had to be read in A uniform direction emulsion up or down depending on the meter. If this is not a possible feature on the densitometer then I highly suspect the accuracy of the instrument. Also the light source which is used has to be able to penetrate correctly. LED light sources all though cheap and battery friendly are not as UV capable as Halogen light sources. While watching this video I noticed that the direction the meter was used did not match that of the Manufacturers Video. This Law is badly thought out in NY State and should be revised until a uniform system can be developed.

  58. Just checking in. Had to postpone my court date until 10\15\18. I gave up on trying for the MV-80 exemption sticker. I don’t think anyone has ever been granted this IMAGINARY sticker. Have been pulled over again twice in the last 6 months for tint in NYC. Thankfully the aforementioned medical documentation I now carry with me was sufficient, along with my disability tag that I was given to hang in rear view mirror, for both NYPD officers to let me go. I even told them both about my pending court date. They wished me luck. So, NY deemed me disabled, yet the DMV won’t accept that for the actual exemption. Utterly ridiculous. I am pretty confident I’m good forever now. It’s a permanent disability. Check back in soon! Good luck all!

  59. Tons of cars in the bronx have tinted windshields! It’s pretty brazen. I would not go that far, but it is medically necessary for me to have tint. All set with proper documentation now. This won’t happen again. Court date changed to 10\15\18… keep you posted all!

  60. Show me any evidence of officers being injured or killed by dark window film. I’ll wait.

  61. So I guess, now it’s easier for the bad guys to tell what’s a police car unmarked by the tinted windows. Now doesn’t that put a bulls eye on officers safety. How bout political vehicles that transport our elected Bozos, they must lead by example too. By the way how bout box trucks, Windowless cargo vans officers can’t see at all in them. Only thing this does is put a officer in danger since you’ll know who’s a cop vehicle and can take a random shot into tinted window car cause they’ll be the only ones with dark tint…. And next time you see a K9 unit , chances are Windows will be blacked out.. Why should cops have their front side Windows tinted on police cars marked or unmarked ???? Hmmmm
    Most cops shot in traffic stops, is cause they didn’t use caution and got sloppy by trying to be a John Wayne and walked into it.. More cops get killed during car stops by being hit than being shot by peep. Me retired officer…

  62. My windows are still tinted at 5% & still get my inspection. Our local tint shop has a special, they will remove the tint & reinstall for a reasonable cost.
    Go get your car inspected, then reinstall tint after, as far as the tint citation, I have no problems donating my money & time to charity!

    They don’t pay for all incurred costs of my vehicles ownership, MY VEHICLE….My CHOICE!

  63. It’s been a while and I’m still fighting for the right to have tinted windows on passenger cars. SUV’s it’s perfectly fine but cars get ticketed. Please sign my petition. Much appreciated!

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