Two Areas to Add Revenue

January 18th, 2017 by Katherine Coig

When entrepreneurs want to grow their business, they’ll often add products or services that will boost their revenue stream. Two window film experts give us advice on a product to upsell—PPF–and a product add on—security attachments.

Upsell with PPF

Jamie Werner, national sales manager for PremiumShield, says shops should consider adding PPF to sell more tint.

“Consider this model when selling to PPF customers,” he says. “It’s a higher-priced item, harder to sell, awareness of the product is low and margins for resale are high. That said, your customers will spend more money on a product like clear bra and will also be in the market for tint and other products—hence the two-sided upsell. The first side of the upsell [your bread and butter] is tint. If you sell them on PPF, they’ll usually buy high-end tint as well.”

As for upselling PPF, he says there are a few key things to keep in mind. “Customers may not know what the product is, so you’ll have to educate them. Since they weren’t aware of the product in the first place, they won’t know its value right away, so you have to be willing to explain it to them.”

He adds that it is important to keep your initial package for upsell lower than your tint price and use visual sales aids. It’s a product that needs to be promoted proactively, so don’t be afraid to ask customers if they’re familiar with it.

“Keep your customers educated on the benefits of installing PPF and tint, and the concept of the one-stop shop can be successful for the growth of your business,” he says.

Add on Security Attachments

Another area of growth for your shop could be security attachments, says Sarah Ortiz, account executive at Pentagon Protection.

“Attachment systems are a great sell to your clients,” she says. “After all, you are most likely already speaking to them about safety films and the benefits of securing their windows. Why not tell them that you can slow down burglars even more as well as prevent a lot of clean-up on the inside of their property in the event of a break-in through the use of an attachment system?”

She explains that attachment systems pick up where film leaves off. “Simply put, they attach the film to the window frame. This means they hold the film in place after it breaks, preventing glass shards from falling into the building and making it more difficult for anyone to enter through the window once the glass is broken.”

Ortiz says there are some great smash-and-grab protection products out there. “They are government-listed, pass General Services Administration testing and provide a great-looking finish when installed. Also, after installing security film and allowing it to cure for at least 24 hours (and it’s completely dry), you’re ready to apply an attachment system.”

For more on how to apply an attachment system, click here.

What products have you added to your film business as an upsell? Post a comment here.

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