Window of Opportunity by Micky Calcott
by Micky Calcott
February 22nd, 2017

50 Shades of Green…

I’ve been hearing a lot about the color green recently and a bit of research quickly unearthed why. It has been named as the pantone color of the year. I guess this could mean that 2017 could finally be the year for the New York Jets (my limited knowledge of the NFL is enough to recognize that the Jets play in green and could use all the luck they can get!), but one thing I know for sure is that it provides us with an opportunity. 

A big part of our business is printed graphics, and with a particular color in the news, it gives us an opportunity to talk to a wide audience about how we can help incorporate it into their glazing and surfaces, explaining how we can quickly and cost effectively help customers and their clients stay on top of current trends. The link between a window film company and the current color of the year may not be immediately obvious, but with a bit of imagination, creativity and effort, it’s possible to craft messages pertinent to both our industry and what’s in the news.

By staying on top of trends, news and developments it’s also possible to raise awareness of your own work, products or services and being a part of the green scene is just the latest example.

Bad Hair Day?

It’s not often that I have to explain to visitors why they are being met by staff sporting an array of the worst hairstyles known to man, but that was the situation I found myself in last week, as staff at The Window Film Company took part in “Bad Hair Day,” a nationwide event to raise funds for London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital.

It was a fabulous day with lots of laughs and the raising of a good sum for a fantastic charity. It’s an example of something we like to get involved in regularly, and while the benefits of fundraising are obvious, I think involvement in such events isn’t just good for the charity, but good for us as a company, too.

We’re always on the lookout for ways to get involved with worthwhile local or national events, and we offer an additional day’s leave for members of staff wishing to volunteer or participate in a charitable cause. Previous activities have included participation in obstacle courses, endurance races, cake sales and sponsored walks, with each example proving to be excellent opportunity for team bonding and increasing staff morale. It’s a great way of connecting with the community, doing something worthwhile and showing staff and the wider world that as a company, we care. I’m proud that we’ve embedded this charitable commitment into our culture, and have no doubts as to the multitude of benefits it will continue to deliver.

Film Stars

As experts in film, it was a pleasure to be engaged by another organization with film at their heart—the world famous Pinewood Studios. We recently completed a week long project at the prestigious site, installing privacy window film onto several hundred square meters of glass. While it is exciting to have carried out work at the home of famous movies such as Bond, Bourne and Star Wars, the over-riding feeling is that of pride. Pinewood is a name recognizable across the globe, and to be engaged to work at such a celebrated location is a great feeling. As you’ll be aware, the film industry is a competitive one and to land projects such as this one requires effort, investment and hard work. I’ve no doubt that the two topics I mentioned in this post have played their part in us securing this job and others like it.  

Despite our installers following in the footsteps of Daniel Craig and Johnny Depp, I’m pretty sure we aren’t in line for a BAFTA or an Oscar. I trust our film will prove to be popular nonetheless!

Until next time … toodle-pip!


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