Upside-Down Thinking by Patric Fransko
by Patric Fransko
February 15th, 2017

Are Google Reviews Important?

This is a question asked often enough that I thought it warranted an article: should a business pay attention to and actively cultivate positive Google reviews? With all the other review sites like Yelp and social media review areas such as Facebook, does it make sense to spend time on another? Our advice to clients is that the answer is a definite yes. You should pay attention to Google reviews and work to assure your business has positive ones.

However, before you can have people leave reviews for your business, it’s important to get your business listed and verified via Google My Business. If you haven’t done this, I urge you to do this today. Not only to be able to get the Google Reviews, but to also help your search rankings with Google. This is a simple process that you can get done at the link below.

Now that your business is registered and verified, let’s discuss the main reason why you should encourage clients to give you a positive review on Google: it helps your search ranking placement.

You’re likely aware of the Google three-pack that usually shows up at the top of many search results. It looks like the box to the right and displays three search results related to your search. Notice what else it displays. It shows the average rank and the number of Google reviews right there for the person to easily see. This three-pack shows up at the top of page 1 of the search results, above even the #1 ranked organic result.

Recent extensive research by Brodie Tyler gives some surprising insight into how Google Reviews play into who gets listed in this three-pack. From his report, here are some highlights:

  • The top three listings in Google’s local search results have an average of 472 percent more reviews than listings 4-6 – It turns out there’s a big difference between those results you see in the three-pack versus the results you see when you click “more places.”
  • The top three Google local search results have more Google reviews—nearly twice as often as the next three results – The first results you see when you search for a product or service in your area are much more likely to have more Google reviews.
  • 63 percent of the time, Google’s local three-pack contains the listing with the most reviews – I only foresee this number increasing as Google’s search algorithms continue to change. The trend is already there.
  • A listing in the top three Google local results has an average of 7.62 reviews, compared to just 1.61 reviews in results 4-6 – 8 reviews is hardly a huge number, and businesses can attain eight reviews if they work at it. The difference between where eight reviews and where two reviews land you in the search results … is huge.This article and the research above is not meant to be the definitive word on this subject. I just wanted to pass along some insight that the team at Eye Magnet has been gaining on the topic. We hope that this helps you in your effort to be at the top of your local search results.

You can read the entire report, here.

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