Upside-Down Thinking by Patric Fransko
by Patric Fransko
June 21st, 2017

Review Your Process for Getting a Review

It should be no secret to you that getting a good review from a customer has a positive impact on your business. In the past, many people focused predominantly on getting their Yelp reviews built up, but now it’s equally important to get positive reviews on both Facebook and Google. With three platforms to be concerned about, we wanted to share three methods you can use to consistently ensure that your company is getting positive reviews. 

  1. Ask – This may seem simple, but often when we speak to clients that would like more reviews, we find out that they have no systemized way of asking for reviews. In many cases, even if someone is very pleased with your service, they will not go out of their way to give you a review if they have not been asked to do so. It doesn’t need to be anything pushy but just create a plan to consistently ask every customer for a review.
  2. Make it easy – Following up on asking for a review—you also need to make it easy for the client to leave you a review. Maybe follow up every job with an email thanking them for their business that includes links to your Yelp, Facebook and Google Review pages. Many times, a happy customer would be willing to help and leave a review, but they are not going to go the extra mile to do it. If they have to search for your page on their own, your chances of getting a review decline dramatically.
  3. Say “thank you” – By this, we mean offer a small incentive to leave a review. Some people frown upon this, as if the review is somehow not as legitimate because you incentivized the person to leave it. I look at it as you thanking them for taking the time to do something nice for you and your company. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant nor does it have to cost you that much. It could be something like a free can of glass cleaner, a coupon for a free car wash or even something like a free iTunes download. As mentioned above, the goal is not to coerce the review, but just a way to say thanks for taking the time.

Ask, make it easy and say “thank you.” Pretty simple, right? It doesn’t have to be complicated, and it can really have an impact on your business. There’s no question that consumers are using these reviews to make buying decisions. With that in mind, I believe if you follow these simple steps, you’ll find that the reviews begin flowing in, and your business will begin to grow as a result.

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