DOE Invests in Energy Efficiency Program that Utilizes Window Film

July 11th, 2017 by Katherine Coig

The Department of Energy (DOE) says it will invest more than $3 million into five programs to improve the energy efficiency of commercial buildings. By utilizing and combining different technologies, including window film, these programs—led by a mix of energy consultants, non-governmental organizations, utilities and technology providers—aim to spur innovation that will ultimately reduce the amount of energy commercial buildings consume.

“Each project team, made up of strategically structured partners, will  develop and verify the benefits and trade-offs of multisystem energy efficient technology packages (groups of technologies that improve efficiency across two building systems: envelope, lighting/electrical, plug, process, heating, ventilation, cooling, refrigeration, energy management and information, sensors and controls),” states the release from the DOE.

In turn, commercial building owners will have a better understanding of overall cost-effective energy efficiency solutions.

One of the programs awarded funding, which will be led by the non-profit energy consulting firm Seventhwave, proposes to study the “integration trade-offs, cost and energy optimization” of high performance interior retrofit technologies.

According to the release, key players in Seventhwave’s program are window film providers, Xcel Energy, the state of Illinois and the University of Minnesota.

“Commercial buildings consume almost 20 percent of all energy within the United States,” said David Nemtzow, director of the Building Technologies Office. “Research and development focusing on these innovative technology packages will uncover key interactions between commercial building systems that can improve our nation’s commercial building stock and cut energy bills for American businesses. It’s an excellent partnership among U.S. businesses, universities, and the Department of Energy.”

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