Upside-Down Thinking by Patric Fransko
by Patric Fransko
August 2nd, 2017

Google Adwords or Facebook Advertising—Which is Most Important?


I wanted to answer this question as it is something that comes up often when we are working with a client. I plan to discuss the benefits of each one of these advertising strategies and how they can be used to reach different audiences. I will also give you my opinion on which one I think is the best fit for your business.

First, let’s discuss Google Adwords. As most of you I’m sure are aware, this is the marketing mechanism that can be used to place your Google Ad listing at the top of given search results. You can create various ads as well as relevant keywords specific to target audiences you are trying to reach. The only place that these ads show up is on search result pages when someone is searching for something that you specified is keyword related.

Google Adwords can be a very effective tool since it places your business right in front of a prospective customer precisely at the time they are searching for information about the product or service you offer. For this reason, people often feel that a click or conversion, however you choose to define that, is more valuable on Google, as the prospect is closer to a possible sale because they are already looking. The negative to this platform is that it can become very expensive to appear at the top of desired search results in competitive markets. So, even though that conversion may be viewed as more valuable, you will also typically pay much more for it.

On the other side is targeted Facebook ads. Let me be clear that what we refer to when we discuss Facebook advertising is not merely hitting the boost button and setting a budget. We are talking about custom advertisements that target very specific audiences through the use of Facebook Ads Manager. This process allows you to customize the audience to the content in order to ensure you are only placing the information in front of the most relevant people. This takes effort, as each post can have a slightly different audience that needs to be defined before the ad can run and be effective.

Facebook ads can be very effective since they have the ability to place your product or service in front of a target audience where they are already paying attention. They do not need to be searching for anything. You can simply try to grab their attention and engage them while they happen to be checking their Facebook feed. This allows you to reach people that may not know much about your product and create interest. These clicks tend to be viewed as slightly less valuable as they are not as far along in a potential sales process as someone searching on Google. As a result, with Facebook, you can typically reach a larger group of people and generate more clicks for less money per click.

So, back to the initial question, which is a better choice for you? That answer depends on your particular circumstances. If you are selling a product that has widespread recognition and demand, and you want to ensure that you are front and center when people look for someone to purchase this product from, then Google Adwords might be a better option. If you are offering a product that still is relatively unknown as far as what it can do or why people would want it, Facebook might be a better option as you can tell your story to a very targeted audience. Budget also comes into play. If you are on a tight budget, I usually recommend Facebook because you can reach more people for the limited funds you have available. If you have a larger budget and want to ensure you are in front of people that are interested in your particular product category, then Google is a great option, even if it costs significantly more per impression.

Ideally, if the budget allows, we try to have our clients have a presence in both Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. We think this allows them to capture the people already looking, as well as create interest in the target audience that is not yet aware of your product or service. I hope this helps you understand these two platforms better and why you might use one instead of the other in your business. We would love to hear your feedback or your personal experiences with these platforms.

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  1. There’s little to add to this article, as it says all there is to say.

    In the early stages of a company, brand or service, use Facebook ads to gain it a foothold in the market and from the feedback and response tweak the product.

    Then when it has been polished up and adjustments made in response to the initial feedback and one now wants to start the sales phase, use Google Ads.

  2. Thank you once again for commenting!

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