Kendall Combs Discusses New Role at Solar Gard, Industry Forecast

August 9th, 2017 by Katherine Coig

Last week, Solar Gard announced the promotion of Kendall Combs to general manager of thin films, succeeding Stephane Nicoli who is now managing Saint-Gobain’s European coated abrasives business. Previously, Combs held the position of global marketing director, working closely with the window film and paint protection film (PPF) industry. In an interview with Window Film magazine, Combs dished on what he’s most excited to accomplish in his new position, the growth of the company’s window film business, as well as his plans to improve the company’s customer experience.

Kendall Combs, general manager of thin films for Solar Gard

“The window film business is all about people. Over the past few years I have met some of the most passionate people in the world,” said Combs. “I walk into our office every day knowing that I’m going to enjoy my work and that I’m going to learn from our team. Outside of the company—our customers blow my mind; they continue to impress me with their commitment to excellence. I really like how they push us to continuously improve in terms of quality, customer service and product innovation.”

Combs emphasized that he’s focused on the company’s growth, and, so far, Solar Gard’s North American market has experienced an uptick in demand for its architectural films.

“The Panorama network is on fire. We have the best professionals in the network installing our highest performance films,” he said. “I’m totally blown away by what they have achieved this last year. Large projects keep rolling in, and Solar Gard has the technical know-how to support their execution.”

Combs said the demand for the company’s high-end automotive films in China has never been stronger. “We have a really strong team led by Danny Chen, and they continue to impress me with the strength of the partnerships they have forged.”

Combs sees a lot of potential in safety and security films, and the company is currently working to improve its existing line. “The need continues to grow, and the benefits are real,” he explained. “We’re currently working on some major improvements to our line that will support our growth …”

He said he’s most excited about the PPF segment, as the company continues to see worldwide growth and deeper penetration into the market.

But Combs’ goals aren’t solely aimed at growing the company’s film business; he’s more concerned about elevating the customer experience.

“Customer needs must be the focus of everything we do as a business; I really believe in that,” he explained. “I think we’re already doing a good job, but my personal belief is that just because you do a great job, doesn’t mean you can’t do an excellent job.”

To do an excellent job, Combs says he plans on starting at the foundational level: quality of the product and availability. “This is motherhood and apple pie, but I believe we have a responsibility to continually improve our quality and the speed at which we can get product in our customers’ hands.

“Our dealers are completely mobile, and the current generation of dealers expects their supplier to be digitally savvy,” he added. “We know that dealers aren’t always running their business from behind a desk so we want to make sure they have the mobile tools to be successful.”

Combs said the company’s marketing initiatives will continue to revolve around an improved digitized end-to-end customer experience.

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