Tint Talk by Kat Coig
by Kat Coig
August 30th, 2017

Tint: Catching Criminals One Stop at a Time

Every day, I skim through nearly one hundred stories related to window film in some form or fashion and, more often than not, they’re pretty outrageous.

While I don’t always read them, their headlines are too comical not to pass on to my editorial director, Tara Taffera. Sometimes, they’re too inappropriate to share, but I’ve been saving a few because someone’s got to find this as crazy as we do.

Welcome to our “We get it, window film violations lead to drug busts,” list.

I can’t promise you’ll laugh, and I can’t say that I’ve read any of these stories, so reader discretion is advised. Some have to do with window film violations. And others just include the words “window,” “film” or “tint,” somewhere in the story and are sent directly to my inbox. Whatever the case, window film seems continue to stop criminals in their tracks. Also, you may not view the Cookie Monster same way after reading.

Florida Man Arrested in Collier on Cocaine, Heroin Trafficking Charges

A trooper stopped Taylor at 12:19 p.m. Monday in the westbound lanes of I-75 near mile marker 91 because his Saturn had “window tint that appeared darker than the legal limit,” the report stated.

Flying Pizza Mushrooms into Drug, Disorderly Charges for 2 Westerly Men

A Westerly man who threw a slice of pizza from a car was charged late Saturday after a driver going in the opposite direction on Route 1 called the police to complain about the pizza splattering her windshield in downtown Pawcatuck.

Me Want Cocaine? Drugs Found Inside Cookie Monster Doll

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release Wednesday that 39-year-old Camus McNair was arrested after a traffic stop in the Florida Keys involving a car with heavily tinted windows and an obscured license plate.

Police Told Him to Turn Down the Music. He Turned it Up, and Landed in Jail

The report said that when Officer D.M. Welch asked Malloy to turn it down to comply with a local noise ordinance, he opened the car’s windows and doors and upped the volume instead.

And just in case you think we are picking on film, we’re not. Here’s an email and headline Tara passed to me last week with the statement: “It’s not just film” (she gets the Google alerts for auto glass as well). The headline read, “Cracked Windshield Leads to Seizure of Mobile Methamphetamine Lab.”

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