Tint Talk by Kat Coig
by Kat Coig
October 18th, 2017

Food for Thought

It’s hard to believe the 2017 International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™ (WFCT) concluded almost two weeks ago, and I feel as though I’m still playing catch-up on sleep. To add to the deprivation, I’ll be heading to Vegas shortly for the SEMA Show, and we all know there’s not a lot of sleep happening in Sin City.

But before I head off to SEMA, there’s something that I often thought about during WFCT, but was happening over on the Auto Glass Week™-side of the event.

If we had the opportunity to catch-up at WFCT, you likely know my role here at Key Communications expanded this year. In addition to being the editor of Window Film magazine and PPFMag, I’m also the editor of our sister publication’s daily e-newsletter glassBYTEs.com. If you’re unfamiliar, glassBYTEs.com is dedicated to all things related to auto glass repair and replacement (AGRR), and that entire industry is facing a fundamental change with the rise of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

You’re probably aware of these technologies, which are coming equipped in newer makes and models: blind spot monitoring, lane keep assist, etc. While these technologies are designed to keep vehicle occupants safe, they need to be recalibrated if the vehicle undergoes any kind of repair or replacement. If you’re wondering where this relates to the film industry, I promise that’s coming.

Any vehicle modification will likely require a recalibration to ensure its ADAS features are working properly and its cameras and sensors are aligned correctly (some of which are incorporated into bumpers and hoods). In a webinar glassBYTEs.com reported on recently, an expert in the panel commented that even a scratch on a vehicle’s bumper could require a recalibration.

So naturally, this had me wondering how ADAS would, or potentially could, affect the film industry. Paint protection film (PPF) and vinyl wrap installations are more likely to run into the issue of recalibration, especially if parts of the car are being removed to complete the job. While an installer can easily direct the customer to a dealership that handles calibrations, there’s money to be made doing it in-house.

My question to you is, have you run into this issue of recalibration? And, if so, how frequently? If it’s often, have you considered looking into learning how to perform them or even partnering with a local auto repair shop that does?

Let me know your thoughts, questions or concerns by dropping me an email at kcoig@glass.com.

But before I sign off, don’t forget to visit me and the Window Film/PPFMag team at SEMA. Coffee is always welcomed.

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