Upside-Down Thinking by Patric Fransko
by Patric Fransko
November 22nd, 2017

Old School Actions Can Be Just What You Need

I know that you often hear me talk about staying ahead of the curve and up to date on the latest strategies. Today, I want to discuss how some traditional actions can yield tremendous results as we get ready to enter 2018. The two strategies I discuss below I know work, as I have both used them successfully and been on the receiving end and made buying decisions because of them.

So, what are these old school actions that can yield great results in 2018 and beyond? Hand-written holiday cards and thank you notes. Let me explain how these two simple strategies can help you get a jump start on 2018 and carry that momentum throughout the year.

  • Hand-written holiday cards – When I first became a territory manager right out of college, this practice was standard among most people I knew in my field. Somewhere about 10-12 years ago people just stopped doing this regularly. However, the power of a hand written holiday card can pay dividends the entire year.

    This doesn’t have to be an elaborate message. Just have a nice company holiday card and simply write something like, “Thank You for making this past year such a success! We truly appreciate your business and wish you a terrific holiday season.”

    This card should be sent to everyone who you did business with over the past year. You may be thinking that this is an enormous task, but it doesn’t have to be. Order the cards for the 2018 holiday season now and fill them out each day for the jobs you did that day. Store the completed cards in a box throughout the year, and you will have hundreds ready to drop in the mail when the holidays arrive next year. This will bring your company right back to the mind of all of your satisfied customers from the past year at a time when they are socializing more than normal. Do you think a hand-written card from a business that tinted your home six months ago might get mentioned at a holiday party or two? My bet is it will, and you’ll end up landing business to start the new year as a result.

  • Hand-written thank you cards – Unlike the holiday cards, these are simple “Thank You” cards that you would send out at the end of each day for the work you did. Again, this doesn’t need to be anything special. A simple, “Thank you very much for your business. We know you have options, and we appreciate you choosing us,” is enough.

    You are just acknowledging the sale and saying thank you. This daily strategy will not only yield you continual word-of-mouth business, but will likely see the number of people going the extra mile to leave you a positive Yelp, Google Business or Facebook review increase as well.


In an age where everything is done via text or email, the personal touch is making a HUGE comeback. Take the time to try these two strategies, and I think you will be amazed at the positive results they yield. Sure, it takes some time and effort, but any good marketing does. If you make a practice of doing this as part of your daily routine, the four, six or 10 cards you would need to write out each night would not be that big of a task.

Give it a try and let me know about the results. Have a terrific Thanksgiving everyone and, “Thank You,” for reading my column.

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  1. Good to see some old school ides coming back into play.They say that every thing will eventually go around just like the earth. Even in fashion thing come back and retro styles become the latest faction again one day’

    That’s why when my wife wants to turf her old clothes out I keep telling her not to, as it will come back again and when it comes back she will go out a waste money buying the same stuff she threw out She calls me a hoarder and I tell her no” I am just old school”.

    Anyway I believe that we need to look back into the way we use to create business. The digital marketing world in my opinion is becoming a bit of a overkill, overcrowded and in some cases ineffective.I have noticed this from my daily activities in the business.

    You idea of hand written” thank you letters” is a good one and you are right it give the personal touch and it is definitely not a thing that sales consultant do any more.

    We have a post card size” leaving card” that we leave on salesman desk at dealers. It stated ”You out were out when we called” and should require any information on our services or if you would like me to call back, please advise me by phoning me or send me a email.
    It has a space to hand write the sales persons name and a personal message. This makes it feel personalized and works very well for the good will of the company and to keep the brand in front of the consumers.

    We also do a similar marketing piece then we call on commercial opportunities. The message on the card says ”We have just completed a serve of the area and we have noticed your building has a large expanse” Whilst this glass adds to the natural beauty of your building this glass has two very serious disadvantages. We go on to explain the advantages of having Klingshield installed on their glass. Again the card has a space to hand write a personal message .

    We have many other unique ideas which we will keep sharing with the readers in the future.
    Leon Levy Klingshield South Africa

  2. Thanks for the input Leon. Glad to see these “old School” techniques are working for you.

  3. I like this approach big time. It seems old school but it’s should be used in all industries. I purchased some shirts at Nordstrom and a few days later I received a thank you not (hand written ). I was impressed and this experience made me want to buy again. Good article

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