A Season of Change

January 24th, 2018 by Editor

Happy New Year! I’m taking over the Window Film blog this week for a few reasons. First, I want to wish you and your company a very happy, healthy, profitable and peaceful year. And, as with most new years, comes some change. That is true here at Window Film magazine, as well.

We are making a few changes. When our company was born some 25 years ago, the name “Key Communications Inc.” seemed a good one for a publishing company. And it was for a long time. But words evolve as do companies and technology. Today, “communications” is more closely associated with public relations than publishing. And even more telling, what we do as a company has expanded in response to new technology. Our company now publishes print and digital magazines and books, videos and newscasts, online newsletters and e-reports as well as the occasional podcast. Our sister company, Glass.com Inc., provides information and referrals to consumers who seek glass and glazing services and products.

The word “communication” just doesn’t cover it anymore. Couple that with the fact that the company also provides a fair amount of research and consultation services for and about the glass industry, and you see how really out of date it is.

Just under two years ago, we made the decision to update our name effective the first day of 2018. Key Communications Inc. will now be known as Key Media & Research to more closely reflect what we do. Of course, when we chose the name two years ago, we had no idea the word “media” would become controversial, but we still believe it and the addition of the word “research” most closely reflects what we do. Nothing else but the name changes—we are still the same corporate entity, just with a new moniker.

Nick St Denis

As part of this change, we have created a separate and distinct research division which will be led by Nick St. Denis, our former research editor. Nick has been doing industry research for Key for a number of years and I am delighted he will now be leading this division.

Tara Taffera

Finally, a personal note of congratulations to our editorial director Tara Taffera, who as I write this on January 19, is celebrating her 20th anniversary as an employee here. It’s been a real honor to work with Tara all these years and to watch her bring her talents, incredible personality and professionalism to work every day. It’s also been a pleasure for me to have met her as a newlywed and watch as she and her husband have raised three glorious girls, all of whom look to be just as talented as their mom and dad. Congratulations, Tara, and thank you.

Debra Levy is the publisher of Window Film magazine.

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  1. Change is as good as a holiday.Every things need to keep changing ,to keep up to date with the changing world we live in.
    Digital marketing has proved its self and there is no doubt it is getting stronger day by day.
    If you snooze you will loose and I have no doubt Debra Levy gets up with the birds and ensures that her focus is above the norm.
    We are dealing with a very sharp cookie ,that’s why she runs such amazing and successful publications.
    Well done and keep up the good work.
    Leon Levy Klingshield South Africa

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