3M Launches New Pattern Solutions Center

February 28th, 2018 by Katherine Coig

3M’s patent-pending Halo feature

3M recently launched its new Pattern Solutions Center (PSC) in an effort to help its network of dealers grow their paint protection film (PPF) business. Katie Johnson, global marketing manager for 3M automotive and aerospace solutions divisionsays the company updated its former Digital Designs platform to provide installers with a one-stop shop.

Johnson says there are three major improvements that came with PSC:

  • The center has a more extensive database of patterns compared to its predecessor and accepts installer feedback on pattern fit;
  • It features improved search capabilities; and
  • It’s equipped with a patent-pending proprietary weeding feature called Halo, which cuts an additional ¼-inch border around each part.

Halo was added to help the company’s installers save on time and money, Johnson says, with less product wasted due to tearing or the accidental weeding of smaller parts. “It allows the installer to be really efficient,” she explains, “as opposed to weeding the negative space around the pattern itself.”

The new platform also provides installers with business development tools and marketing solutions to help build their brand, educate consumers and drive more sales.

“We feel that from our new product, patterns and marketing tools, with these three aligned, we can provide the best product service to our installer business,” Johnson says. “Really get our dealers excited to grow their business with us.

“We try and provide all of the information into the pattern and solution center so our installers don’t have to go to too many places. We can have it in one place, and they can grow their business, focus on the marketing side and be able to get what they need from an installation stand point,” she adds.

Johnson also says the new platform allows the company to communicate with its dealers to gain insight into new tools and features they would utilize.

“Our goal is really to help grow our installers’ business,” she says. “We’re here to be a partner.”

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