Solar Gard Celebrates National Window Film Day

April 30th, 2018 by Casey Flores

Today is National Window Film Day and Solar Gard is one of the industry companies who are celebrating, along with its network of authorized partners throughout the country.

Initiated in 2014, National Window Film Day showcases window film and the next generation of sophisticated film products to control heat and glare, as well as provide an added layer of protection to glass in vehicles, homes and commercial buildings.

This is an exciting and important day for both Solar Gard and our industry at-large,” said Kendall Combs, general manager of Solar Gard, Thin Films. “It’s becoming more and more critical to boost the awareness of window film solutions among U.S. consumers, particularly in today’s increasingly volatile world. Our Armorcoat Safety & Security Film portfolio – installed on some of the nation’s most well-known government structures – is deterring intrusion in school districts from New York to California, as well as mitigating glass breakage risk in case of bomb blast at or around high-risk facilities.”

“With summer approaching we’ll also be ramping up our automotive film outreach,” Combs added.


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