Manufacturer and Installer Team Up to Provide Security Film Education

May 9th, 2018 by Tara Taffera

Lerma’s Glenn Yocca demonstrates an installation during the Madico training course.

From left: Glenn Yocca, Steve Wood and Ricardo Lerma.

The importance and advantages of security film is perhaps more evident now than ever, and film manufacturer Madico continues to take steps to educate its dealers, most recently through a training event held at its headquarters in St. Petersburg, Fla. The company held its SafetyShield Premier Partner Training April 24-26, and Lerma Film Crew was on hand to offer a training course on the proper installation of the SafetyShield films and attachment systems.

Ricardo Lerma, chief operating officer, and Glenn Yocca, CEO for Lerma Film Crew, both conducted the installation course, along with Steve Wood, Madico SafetyShield program manager.

Lerma Film Crew conducted the training course by demonstrating how to install the SafetyShield film and advanced attachment systems. Attendees were then invited to practice the proper installation techniques for the film, how to fabricate and install Framegard and GullWing, as well as how to work with the Wet-Glaze attachment system.

Yocca said the company is pleased to participate and help add value to the industry. “That’s what we are here for,” he said and added that he views the company as experienced in security film, rather than an expert.

“When we conduct the training people always say, ‘Oh you are the expert.’ Our response is that we are experienced. If we can, we want to help others.”


“Ricardo Lerma and Glenn Yocca are great to work with and are true veterans of the film industry,” said Wood. “The installation of safety and security films and attachment systems is complex work and it’s important that our dealers learn from the best. The Lerma Film Crew has installed hundreds of safety film and attachment system jobs and we are confident that their knowledge and skill set can be passed on to our Premier Partners.”

Madico invites about 30 dealers each year to this training designed exclusively for its new SafetyShield Premier Partners. After completing this intensive training, Madico considers them certified safety and security film installers and they can begin selling and installing the company’s advanced safety film and attachment systems.

“This is a higher standard than most safety jobs, as they are now trained on how to bid large scale and government projects such as school districts, universities, and federal and state buildings amongst others,” said Wood.

This was all part of a Madico event that hosted partners from around the U.S. as well as various international countries. “The diverse attendance demonstrated the international demand for such a program,” said Wood.

“The SafetyShield Partners walked away with the knowledge necessary to grow their own safety and security film businesses,” said Woods. “Madico is committed to assisting our valued SafetyShield Premier Partners every step of the way as they sell and install our advanced safety and security film solutions around the globe.”

Other educational sessions included a presentation by a respected blast mitigation consultant, classroom training and discussion on marketing, sales and technical information related to blast and intrusion mitigation, and on the final day, a tour of Madico’s St. Petersburg factory.

The presentations educated the attendees on the potential markets or “threats” where SafetyShield products could be sold as a solution, the extensive testing of the products, as well as sales and marketing strategies.

All this knowledge is extremely important to anyone selling security film, and Madico agrees that security film projects are on the uptick.

“We have received numerous inquiries from schools, religious institutions and even libraries in recent months,” said Wood. “Madico has passed these inquiries and jobs on to our certified SafetyShield Premier Partners.”

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