HERO Program Expands To Communities In Florida

June 13th, 2018 by Emmariah Holcomb

Florida is known as the sunshine state for a bright reason, and although many enjoy it, the sun’s rays can be harmful and costly. Many homeowners seek protective treatments for their windows to shield themselves from the sun. Protective commercial window film can be more attainable through the Home Energy Renovation Opportunity, known as HERO. The program has been made available to more than 300 thousand Florida homes.

Florida Beach Home

The HERO program is a property assessed clean energy (PACE) program that provides affordable financing options to those who want to make their home or business more energy efficient. PACE is a program that works with the government to make energy saving upgrades easier for homeowners. Cutting down on the expense of making a home more energy efficient is one of the program’s main goals. Many homeowners are interested in making the switch to become more energy efficient and that includes installing window film. “Florida homeowners need window film for protection. If you think about it, they’d be spending thousands of dollars more if the program didn’t become available for them,” Russell Livernois, of Florida Window Films said.

Millions of Floridians have already been eligible for the program since its launch in their state in 2017. Now more homeowners are eligible for it and some in the window film business are taking note. “Absolutely, I think having the program available to more homeowners will help our business because it gives them a chance of getting something they need at a price they can pay over time,” Livernois said.

The price isn’t the only benefit homeowners can take advantage of, as many energy saving upgrades can be deducted from the homeowner’s taxes. According to renovate America’s website, there will be a specific line on the tax return that represents HERO. “When you have anything to do with legitimizing the products used I think that’s a good sign. By having window film included in this really shows why it’s so important,” Livernois said.

With additional energy saving levels of protection added to more homes across Florida, homeowners can expect to keep hearing about what HERO has to offer them in the future. “Hero will be mentioned in future advertising to our customers. We have many that inquire about financing options, and with safety window film you have to get everything,” Livernois said.

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  1. So I’m guessing HERO is the Florida company, that got with PACE the government company. So my question is, if I’m not in Florida, do I go to PACE to get this rolling in my state of Louisiana?

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