Upside-Down Thinking by Patric Fransko
by Patric Fransko
July 18th, 2018

Begin Using This Overlooked Google Local Marketing Tool

This month I want to discuss posting to your Google my Business listing, an often overlooked local marketing tool available from Google. Before we begin, this is written assuming you have a verified and published Google my Business listing for your company. If not, it is imperative you take this step even if you decide not to post to Google. You can follow this link to get it set-up, I would recommend doing this immediately.

Having your local listing in place and verified is literally one of the first things you should do for your business from a marketing perspective, and it is 100 percent free.

Now that your listing is in place and verified, it’s time to post. You can login to your Google my Business account and go to the post tab as shown. Once you open the post tab, you can upload a picture, write a 100 to300 word post and include a link back to a page on your website for more information.

Try to make posts that read well and include relevant keywords for the products and services you offer and the areas you service. You can also utilize relevant hashtags to try and obtain additional visibility for your post. The goal is to keep it brief but informative while including relevant keywords.

Once the post is done, it will appear in your Google my Business listing. (See the accompanying picture of a Google company listing with a recent post.) This helps differentiate your company from others that come up in the search that are not posting. It also is an opportunity to showcase your work to people involved in the search process. This differentiation and inclusion of more information for the prospect, could cause them to click to your website versus a competitors.’

You can take posts that you are already using on Facebook or Instagram and begin posting them to your Google my Business page. This extra several minutes will improve your company’s Google presentation and has proven well worth the time with the clients we have implemented this with.

With all of the recent changes with Facebook and Instagram, we are beginning to encourage people to take advantage of this additional place to add their content directly within the Google system. Give this a try and see if it has a beneficial impact on your business.

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  1. Google is a great tool for all forms of advertising. I habe found it really useful for commercial window tinting in sydney. Networking thru google has allowed the commercial window tinting side of my business expand away from the hard yards of doing 8 to 10 cars a day.

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