Security Cameras – A Benefit for Shop Owners

July 25th, 2018 by Emmariah Holcomb

It’s not uncommon for some customers to become hesitant at the thought of leaving their car at a shop overnight. But there’s something that more and more shop owners have to help them keep an eye on things … security cameras.

“I’ve had security cameras at my business for five years now, and my new shop will have 24 of them. That shows you how much I think they’re needed,” Josh Poponick, Blackout Tinting owner, said.

But he’s not the only one who thinks having security cameras are a good investment.

“I’ve had cameras in my shop for three years now, after having all the windows shot out when I first moved in,” David DeRocha, Adhesive Pro owner said.

Having cameras set up in different areas in a shop can give a bird’s eye view to the owner. At any given time he or she can then check up on the various rooms in their shop with just a few glances at their phone or smart device of choice. This is available through applications offered through the security camera company the owner goes with. Most companies have an option for monthly based subscriptions, where a person can watch in real time or have their videos saved through a cloud service.

“I actually had a Ferrari in my shop one day having some vinyl and tint work done and the customer was so paranoid about leaving it out of his sight for the night that I was able to create a temporary login (for him) so he could watch the cameras for the day. I didn’t mind, but it was a homerun for him. He said he slept easier knowing he could peek at his car at any given moment since it stayed in the shop overnight,” Jonathan Blake, Eclipse Window Tinting owner, said.

They can give a piece of mind to skeptical customers as well as protect the shop and its owner from misunderstandings with customers and employees.

“I’ve been happy with my security cameras so far, I’ve even caught an ex-employee stealing from me. Now I can keep an eye on my shop at all times,” Poponick said.

Shops across the country have run into instances where it becomes a battle over what actually happened when an issue arises. Having and maintaining a security system eliminates a lot of possible issues, while pinpointing a problem’s source.

“A customer called me on his way home and said we broke his windshield. I explained that we never touched his windshield and encouraged the customer to come back so we could look at it,” DeRocha said. “When he got back to my shop I noticed the broken windshield was obviously from old rock chips. I asked him if he would like to watch the camera footage and he said never mind.That kind of thing is priceless,” DeRocha added.

Cameras can also help when needing to clarify missing items inside of a customer’s car.

“I actually have had two ‘claims’ in the last two years where I was able to prove the customer wrong with camera footage,” Blake said. “A customer claimed their laptop was missing from inside the vehicle, that one was harder to prove, but since we have cameras inside and outside I was able to sit down and show them the footage throughout the day. They ended up finding it at home after that,” Blake added.

Camera systems range in price depending on what can best fit your needs. The more basic styles can start at 100 dollars while some of the more advanced cameras that give you more range and options can reach into the thousands. But many shop owners say the cost is more than worth it in the end.

“Having a surveillance system is a no brainer decision for any shop looking to protect their investment and life,” DeRocha said.

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