Keeping an Eye above the Competition

August 8th, 2018 by Emmariah Holcomb

With an endless amount of window tint shops across the country it can be difficult to keep a leg or an eye, up on the competition. Whether a dealer, owner or installer, you know several benefits that come with having quality window film for customers. Have you ever thought about introducing their eye health to them as an issue while they’re in your shop?

A person’s eyes work non-stop providing sight, but what happens when too much light gets into the eye? The result brings the potential for cataracts. Some optometrists think drivers aren’t doing enough to protect their eyes while they’re behind the wheel. Some have even begun to mention the visual benefits to vehicle tints in there offices. “Many of my patients don’t even wear sunglasses when they drive so I started mentioning protective window films they could have installed on their cars,” Amir Khosneris, O.D. of Turner Theory, said. Khosneris mentions this to a handful of his patients on a daily basis.

Mentioning the importance of window tints not only educates consumers, but it also shows you’re interest in their optic health. “I had just bought a new car and I wanted a film that would offer more than the standard UV protection. [When] I found a film that could I had it installed and noticed the difference right away,” Khosneris said.

Though there isn’t a lot of data available on how long an eye disease can be prevented if a person starts protecting his or her eyes with window films, there’s plenty of research that suggests window film protects against other harmful diseases to the body. This is more commonly known and seen in areas that are prone to high heat and sunlight. If you recommend protective automotive window film in relation to its visual benefits, you may have customers seeing what it can do for them.

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