Getting Into the Decorative Side of Window Film

September 27th, 2018 by Katie Brown

Valway explains the growing side of graphic window film.

One of the great talks this morning at the International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™ (WFCT) came from Bill Valway. He is the founder and CEO of Absolute Perfection Window Tinting (AP Tinting).

Valway led a discussion called “Diversity with Deco” where he encouraged the audience to learn more about decorative film and wraps. His goal was to help the audience gain confidence when diversifying their companies.

Valway said that when he started expanding into graphic works, his business grew instantly. Not only did a wider market show up, but his slow winter season instantly picked up. He told the audience that the money is better as well, but the best part is that it’s fun. He joked that while tinting an office building makes money, it isn’t sexy. Graphic tinting is a more engaging and interesting line of work.

Valway said that adding graphics isn’t as complicated as it might seem. All the resources are in house, such as installers and tools. The only difficult part is creating the graphics, but he added that there are many companies that outsource for prints successfully.

Another side of the market would be to mass produce prints, and just print and ship them. Valway said that with the growing need for decorative film, this area of business is flourishing.

He said if the audience is thinking about expanding to the decorative side of the industry, they need to develop a plan. There are many types of decorative film: decorative frost, full color graphics, wall coverings, floor graphics, di-noc films and vehicle wraps and graphics. Each of these types present a wide variety in the market, and are all being asked for more and more by customers. Valway added that what will set a business apart is being the expert in the industry. Manufacturers offers many certification programs that businesses can take advantage of. These are opportunities that will show customers that a business stands out among their competitors.

For those looking to expand into the industry, Valway recommended using a UV flatbed printer. However, he said that outsourcing is the easiest way to go for anyone starting out.

“Outsource what you can, and let the business catch up,” said Valway.

Sometimes businesses will be presented with scenarios they aren’t familiar with. For example, if a company wants to put a curtainwall design up, but isn’t sure what they want to do, Valway said to always start with a design consultation with a graphic designer. This way the customer irons out exactly what they want before the process begins.

While entering the decorative side of film might seem intimidating, Valway assured his audience that this is an important, creative and lucrative side of the industry.

The show floor is now open in San Antonio. Stay tuned to Window Film for the latest from the event.

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