Upside-Down Thinking by Patric Fransko
by Patric Fransko
September 19th, 2018

How is Marketing Like the NFL?

With the NFL season upon us, I thought I’d write an article to describe how marketing is like the National Football League. You may have heard the saying NFL stands for “Not For Long.” It can refer to many things. If a player is not performing well, they will remain in the league “Not For Long.” If a particular scheme is working, other teams will figure it out and your advantage will be “Not For Long.” Finally, the beating the game takes on a player’s body ensures that most careers will be “Not For Long.”

So, how does this apply to marketing? In 2018 the same can be said for many digital marketing strategies, things change so quickly, even if something is working today, you know its “Not For Long.” This article describes three ways to stay ahead of the changing digital marketing landscape so your marketing strategy effectiveness does not fall victim to the “Not For Long” scenario.

  1. Invest in ongoing education– While this is true in any profession, it is especially true when it comes to digital marketing. As I mentioned, the landscape is changing rapidly, and you can’t rely on what worked yesterday to work tomorrow. You have to constantly look over the horizon at what’s next and adapt your strategy to take advantage of what’s coming. If you don’t have time to understand how things are changing, work with a marketing company that’s staying ahead of the curve and not resting on strategies of the past. Even with my marketing agency, we will spend between 5-10 percent of our budget this year on things specific to training and staying ahead of what’s coming. The opportunities in digital marketing are the best for those adopting these strategies early, so don’t be left behind.
  2. Monitor Your Results – One of the fastest ways to recognize a strategy is beginning to lose effectiveness is when you notice results beginning to fall. If you’re not measuring and paying attention to results, the tendency is to go by feel. It may take a long time for you to actually notice the effectiveness has fallen off. If you monitor regularly, you will identify change much sooner so you can begin evolving your strategy to take advantage of newer trends.
  3. Try New Things– One of the best ways to stay ahead of coming trends in marketing is dedicating a small portion of your marketing each month to trying something new. Use what you are learning by investing in ongoing education and monitoring your results to make educated “guesses” about what might work moving forward. Be willing to fail, but always learn from each thing you’re trying. I’m not talking about dedicating so much of you budget that it upsets your current strategy. I am proposing using 10 percent of your marketing budget each month to try something new. Monitor the results and see if you can identify the next strategy that will help your marketing as the current ones begin to lose effectiveness.

I hope this article was interesting and encourages you to try some new things with your marketing. Every time you watch an NFL game this year, think “Not For Long” and the same can be said for how long a single marketing strategy will be effective in 2018 and beyond. Be prepared.

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