IWFA Afternoon Session: Window Film Dealer Panel

September 28th, 2018 by Katie Brown

The window film dealer panel made for a fun and informative afternoon.

Friday afternoon the International Window Film Conference (WFCT) featured the Window Film Dealer Panel, hosted by the International Window Film Association (IWFA). This discussion featured questions and answers between panel members and the audience. Each panel member was an industry leader with much expertise on the subject of window film, and was led by Jim Freeman from the IWFA.

The panel featured a few “dealer of the year” winners, so to start, they gave some advice on how to get there. They advised the crowd to maintain all the relationships you can, especially with dealers. They went on to add that window film companies need to be one step ahead, especially when it comes to safety in schools. They stressed that window film needs to be used. These types of actions will set companies apart from the others.

One attendee asked how to improve sales. The panel empathized that it can be hard to improve sales, especially when you are solely relying on a sales team. However, they commented that diversifying the market, to commercial and residential, is key to keeping sales up. Especially if a company is trying to start small, diversifying within your means can help set cash flow on the right path.

Along those lines, the panelists advised that the best way to set a company apart from the competition is to get certifications, such as the one available through the IWFA. One panelist commented that his company is the only one in his state that has all his installers certified.

This prompted the audience to ask how to keep and find employees, especially if you are paying for their certifications. The panelists recognized that it can indeed be hard, but one idea offered was to have the employee pay for their own certification, but promise to reimburse them after 90 days. Not only does this guarantee a certified employee, it also shows that he will stick around and be dedicated to his job.

One panelist joked that if all else fails, enlist your family as employees, but at the end of the day, there is no guarantee that any employee will stick with you.

At the end of the day, the best way to grow your business is simply ask for help. The panelists told the audience that they have grown their businesses by simply asking for help from others trying to do what they’re doing.

The IWFA hosted a great discussion, sharing a lot of information and attempting to gain new members for their organization.

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