Tint Talks: Creating the Right Culture and Dreaming Big

September 27th, 2018 by Katie Brown

One of the inaugural talks at this year’s International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™ (WFCT) was the first Tint Talk. This TED-talk-like discussion featured Travis Smith, the vice president and general manager of performance films and interlayers at Eastman Chemical, and Sergio Shmilovitch, director of marketing and strategic development at Avery Dennison.

Window Film Culture

Travis Smith inspires his audience to change the window film culture.

Smith started the discussion with a few laughs about the fall football season, but quickly reminded his audience how important the window film industry is to him. Specifically, he presented the topic of culture in window film. He says those in the industry are responsible for the culture and for the changes and progress it makes.

He stated that four out of ten window film customers who do their research decide not to buy. He stated that they walk away because of the “experience they expect to have.” Most people decide to buy a product based on an experience they’ve had with it, whether it was seeing that product on TV or just hearing someone talk about it. He reminded the audience that while sometimes this can work negatively, it also presents an opportunity for the industry. This is how he tied it back to culture. With the right culture around the industry, more people will be likely to buy products.

So what can be done about the culture? Smith said it starts with those in the industry. From his own experience, he needed to understand the DNA of those people in the industry, not their chemical makeup, but how they think and what they have come to expect. The industry also needs to develop purpose. Smith said that he developed his company’s purpose by providing the best window film available. He reminds the audience that passion is the key to being successful.

“You need to be consistent against the culture you’re trying to change,” stated Smith.

Smith said that one person trying to change the culture can start a fire. Others will see the passion and importance of change, and will follow their example.

Disrupt Yourself

Sergio Shmilovitch, director of marketing and strategic development at Avery Dennison, speaks about disruption at WFCT’s Tint Talks.

Shmilovitch gave his Tint Talk on a very timely topic: disruption. In fact, his speech was aptly labeled: Disrupt Yourself.

He briefly talked about autonomous cars and how this will affect the film industry. “Will there be any cars to tint?” he asked.

He gave some practical advice to those in attendance.

“Anticipate the needs of your customers,” he said. “Identify what you are good at. Build your business and your vision around that. Think about what you want to be when you grow up.”

Great advice for all companies to remember, and Shmilovitch said no dreams are too big.

“Think big and whatever you are thinking: think bigger,” he said. “If people don’t laugh at your goals you aren’t thinking big enough.”

He stressed that if companies and individuals want to change it all starts with their mindset.

“Understand your customer and understand yourself,” he said. “Figure out where you want to be five years from now and go get it.”

The show floor is now open in San Antonio. Stay tuned to Window Film for the latest from the event.

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  1. Mr. Travis smith killed it! Best presentation I seen at the 2018 WFCT, and I seen RR as well! Mr Travis Smith fit the show way better. Who doesn’t want to hear from the vise president of your film dealer! I can see why Llumar/Eastman is doing so well. At 8:45 in the morning, I thought I would fall a sleep, and lose my dealer license with llumar, but this man was like a great movie, I had to here what he had to say. This is the type of guy that’s not afraid to talk to anybody, a family man, as well as a chemical engineer. From my understanding this man has a lot on his shoulders, but now where did u see it in the presentation. Makes me even more proud 2 be a llumar Dealer. I understood his lecture on culture. I deal with all cultures, and I love them all. We all might not know how to communicate with one another, but we all know RESPECT!

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