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November 1st, 2018 by Emmariah Holcomb

Huper Optik had numerous give aways and samples in its booth.

Before this year’s four-day SEMA show comes to an end, there are a few more companies that grabbed attention from the crowds. Many of them focused on further developing software along with a few new products.

Huper Optik had constant groups of people coming by its booth for chances to win daily prizes and to see its new pedestal floor lamp.

“Our new lamp takes up a fraction of space compared to the more traditional style wall lamps. We kept hearing dealers talk about finding ways to minimize what’s on the floor to create more space, and our product solves that need,” John Yard, Huper Optik national sales vice president, said.

There’s more to come too. According to the company, there will be new products in store in 2019 for both Autobahn and Huper Optik.

GYEON Quartz Distribution had dozens of new products on display. The company’s ceramic coatings were a popular focal point.

“I think people like them so much because they are easy to apply and we offer a range of coatings. We have a few for beginners and they continue until you get to a more professional level, like being a certified dealer,” Jens Lochner, company representative said.

Crowds were squeezing in to see this HEXIS demo.

HEXIS showed off its new Skintac 190 Evo film.

“It’s one of our high-performance films and it’s compatible with all printing systems. It’s definitely what someone would want if they’re looking for full printed wraps,” Jessica Singletary, HEXIS sales and operations assistant said.

Carbon Crazy

MAXPRO Window Films grabbed attendees with its new carbon products.

“We’ve been seeing a lot of tint shops in the industry want to grow and expand, and one way many of them agreed upon was with using carbon films. So it’s really geared to help them,” Elizabeth Dillon, MAXPRO Window Films sales and marketing executive vice president, said.

Software Savvy

It didn’t take Johnson Window Films long before it noticed a growing interest for industry connections online.

“The industry is always changing but one big thing we’ve noticed is the growth in our online web store. People who visit it can see that our company provides and makes virtually everything they need and they can find it all in one place, with us,” Spencer Robley, Johnson Window Films training coordinator, said.

SEMA concludes on Friday. Stay tuned to and Window Film magazine for more from the event.

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