New Legislation Shakes Up The Industry

January 16th, 2019 by Emmariah Holcomb

The New Year is in full swing and so is legislation that affects the window film industry. There is one bill and one Act that could directly impact you and your company.

Mississippi’s new bill, also referred to as HB 135, would increase the window tint inspection fee and require a certain amount of the fee to be used to conduct highway safety patrol trooper training classes.

HB135 was introduced in the House by Representative Young late last week. The bill also includes specific dollar amounts for vehicle window tint inspections. One of the main goals of HB135 is to bring more clarity to the current 1972 state law.

“For conducting such tests, tint inspection stations shall charge and collect a fee of $20. $10 of the fee shall be retained by the inspection station, and $10 of the fee shall be remitted to the Department of Public Safety and may be expended, upon legislative appropriation, for the operational expenses of the department, except that Five Dollars ($5.00) of the fee remitted to the department shall be expended exclusively to defray the expenses of conducting Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol Trooper training classes,” a section of the Bill reads.

To view HB135’s full text, click here.


New York is also on the new legislation list for 2019. An Act, also referred to as A848, was introduced towards the end of last week that, if passed would alter the current Vehicle & Traffic Law. If A848 is passed it would allow tinted windows on emergency ambulance service vehicles. This could lead to increased business for your window film shops in New York.

“All emergency ambulance service vehicles, as defined in section one hundred fifteen-c of this chapter, shall be exempt from the provisions of paragraph (b) of this subdivision,” a section of A848 reads.

Currently the act is being reviewed by the Committee on Transportation.

To view A848’s full text, click here.

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