Window Film Bill Introduced in Two States

January 30th, 2019 by Emmariah Holcomb

Legislatures in Mississippi and Iowa will consider to changes to current laws that affect the window film industry during their sessions this year.

The newly-introduced bill in Iowa, also referred to as S88, would affect the minimum standard of transparency for window tint in the state and how drivers could behave. It would allow a minimum transparency of 35 percent to vehicle side windows. S88 was introduced in the Senate at the end of last week. If passed several lines would be removed and one section would be added onto the current law.

“If a peace officer stops a motor vehicle equipped with a side window to the immediate right or left of the driver which has a transparency of seventy percent light transmittance or less, the driver shall lower the side window on the side of the officer’s approach of the vehicle to the side window’s lowest possible position prior to the completion of the officer’s approach of the vehicle, and shall keep the side window in the lowest possible position for the duration of the stop unless otherwise instructed by the officer. A person convicted of a violation of this paragraph is guilty of a simple misdemeanor punishable as a scheduled violation,” a portion of the added text reads.

If passed, this could prompt some vehicle owners to change the amount of light that can be shown through their vehicle windows.

The bill is currently being reviewed by the Transportation Committee.

To view S88’s full text, click here.

The Mississippi bill, HB1535, was introduced this week in the House. If passed, it would require an inspection label to be shown on a vehicle’s window verifying at least 28 percent of light can pass through it. HB1535 is proposing to remove the current medical exemption.

“The Department of Public Safety shall issue labels to official tint inspection stations for affixing to the windshield of every motor vehicle required to be inspected in this state with a window therein which has been tinted or darkened with any tinted film or other darkening material after factory delivery. The label shall be affixed to the lower left corner of the windshield, shall be legible from outside the vehicle, and shall indicate the label registration number, a certification of compliance with Mississippi law, and such other information as the Commissioner of Public Safety deems appropriate. The labels shall be of a type which is pressure-sensitive, self-destructive upon removal, and no larger than one (1) inch square in size,” reads a portion of the bill.

To view HB1535’s full text, click here.

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