New Window Film Facility Opens in Europe

February 13th, 2019 by Emmariah Holcomb

Michiels Advanced Materials, also known as Group M.A.M., announced its investment in a new window film coating facility in Belgium. Group M.A.M. is a family-owned industrial company that focuses on innovative coated film products, and is based in Zele, Belgium.

The company says one of the facilities main goals is to become a key manufacturer and supplier of high-end sputtered window films for a worldwide customer base. The facility officially opened November 1, 2018 when the company conducted an open house.

“It was an exciting moment for us, after eight years of hard preparatory and development work we have been able to realize and open a truly unique and advanced sputter coating facility, allowing us to develop and manufacture window films with the best spectral-selective parameters, the lowest absorption rates and lowest emissivity,” said Katrien Michiels, chief financial officer.

Since its new manufacturing and sputtering facilities are located in Zele, the company says it is the first 100 percent European window film manufacturer.

“Being a European and top-notch Belgian, family-owned sputtered window film manufacturer makes us unique and has given us a high quality and flexible image from the start. Made in Europe has become for many years now a strong quality label for customers in and outside of Europe,” said Michiels.

“We have been involved in the industrial coating and window film business for many years, and about eight years ago we started the development of our own sputter coating technology, that not only brings several beneficial performance characteristics, but that is also rather complex to manufacture,” said Michiels. “Instead of outsourcing, we have therefore decided to start manufacturing ourselves and to invest in our own sputter coating and window film manufacturing facilities, and to patent our technology worldwide. On top of that we have developed new hardcoat technologies, allowing to achieve unseen durability levels in any climate condition,” added Michiels.

The new facility has been well received since its opening and the company says it may enter the U.S. at some point.

“We believe that there is room in the market for high-end, spectral-selective window films with the highest possible visible light transmission, extremely low absorption and high infrared rejection, not only in Europe but anywhere in the world. The feedback of potential customers has been simply great so far, ‘At last’ is a reaction that we have heard many times already and the market is truly embracing our approach as of day one,” said Michiels.

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