Window of Opportunity by Micky Calcott
by Micky Calcott
February 27th, 2019

The Art and Importance of Collaboration

I founded The Window Film Company on my own, but quickly learned the importance and value of working with other people. Collaboration has been a key part of The Window Film Company’s growth and continued success and it’s a part of business I continue to highly value.

Collaboration can take many forms, but working together towards a mutually beneficial goal is an excellent way of not only boosting business but also building relationships and enhancing your reputation.

One of the most rewarding examples has been our work with designers and illustrators with window film (particularly our Frostbrite frosted film) and the ideal surface on which to print it. I approached a number of designers with portfolios I felt would work well reproduced on window film. This allowed us to offer an extended range of products, offering customers genuine designer style, while also providing the designers with another channel through which to sell and promote their work.

The experiment proved to be a success and The Window Film Company now offers nine designer ranges, each with a unique look and story. Each collection allows us to provide something to our customers that we wouldn’t be able to have achieve on our own.

Collaborating with other retailers is also something that has worked well for us. This process requires both parties to recognize the mutual benefits; to act accordingly and in good faith. This could be negotiations on price, commitments to specific delivery times or any number of other stipulations. I’m proud that The Window Film Company’s products are stocked by some of the most well-known retailers, something that has definitely come to pass as a result of collaborative working.

The way we work with our customers is a collaboration, too. Our process means we view each and every project as a joint undertaking in which we seek to identify the requirement and deliver an appropriate solution. The variety of clients we serve means there is rarely such a thing as a “standard” job; we always work closely with customers to make sure we come up with and deliver the result they need and want. In our experience this can only be achieved by working closely together. By collaborating.

The Window Film Company uses state of the art print technology to create custom printed graphics on a range of surfaces and an important part of our job is to work with the artists, designers or those supplying the graphics to create artwork that will work best on the product that’s been chosen. This could mean slight alterations in colors or a tweak to the way artwork is delivered – all required to make sure the end product meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations.

In fact, the more I think about it, the more I realize the importance of working closely with others. I’m proud of starting the business on my own, but we wouldn’t be where we are today without working with and alongside others; many of whom I could never have imagined working with when starting the company back in 1999.

How will collaboration help take your business to the next level?

Until next time… toodle-pip

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