How Will These Bills Impact You?

March 13th, 2019 by Emmariah Holcomb

Utah and New York have new legislation that, if passed, might impact window film businesses in both states. Both legislatures will consider making changes to current industry laws during this years’ sessions.

The newly-introduced bill in Utah, also referred to as H289, was introduced in the House and aims to revise the allowable vehicle window tint for front and side windows. The current allowable light transparency limit is 43 percent, but if H289 passes the allowable limit would become 25 percent. Businesses could see an increase in customers looking to change their vehicle tints to meet the new requirements, which could cause an increase in business for Utah businesses.

“…a person may not operate a motor vehicle with a windshield that allows less than 70 percent light transmittance and a front side window that allows less than  25 percent light transmittance,” a portion of the text reads.

To view H289’s full text, click here.

The New York Senate introduced a bill, referred to as S3446, that aims to change the current vehicle and traffic law that involves providing an exemption on tinted windows in emergency ambulance service vehicles.

“All emergency ambulance service vehicles, as defined in section one hundred fifteen-c of this chapter, shall be exempt from the provisions of paragraph (b) of this subdivision,” a portion of the text reads.

According to the bill, if passed it would go into effect immediately. Currently S3446 has been sent to the Transportation Committee to be reviewed.

To view the full text, click here.

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