Madico Inc. Introduces the New Madico Experience

March 27th, 2019 by Editor

Madico Inc. introduces programs to put window film dealers first as part of the New Madico Experience, a campaign featuring dealer support programs, recognition, a dealer portal, and educational initiatives.

The Madico Experience features a newly redesigned website dedicated to amplifying window film dealers’ success through programs designed to share industry knowledge, teach new sales strategies, and discover best practices for growth.

“The New Madico Experience will change the way our customers communicate and interact with us as a brand,” says Shawn Kitchell, president and CEO.

According to the company, the dealer portal provides dealers with access to its products and sales support while serving as a resource for current and prospective consumers. Existing dealers can learn more about new products and promotions and can look forward to a new e-commerce section of the site launching this summer.

The company aims for Madico U, a new educational initiative, to be a cornerstone of its new experience. The program combines online and in-person learning through videos, tips, conferences, webinars and more. Madico U offers training on product use and installation, industry certifications and information on upcoming events.

The New Madico Experience features dealer and consumer marketing – making it easy to download marketing materials, documents, forms, and digital assets to include on a dealer’s own website and marketing. Madico’s new automotive film selector and architectural film selector make it easy for consumers to choose the features of window film that are most important to them and receive detailed recommendations they can easily print and take to a Madico window film dealer.


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