Window of Opportunity by Micky Calcott
by Micky Calcott
March 27th, 2019

Swapping Frost for Ice

Well, that was a week I’ll never forget …

Frosted window film has for a long time been one of our most popular window film products, so I’m vey accustomed to my days being dominated by frost all year-round. Recently I enjoyed one of the most memorable weeks of my life, I left the frost behind and headed to the ice.

I’ve written about challenges before, as we all face them. They’re everywhere and how we handle them dictates our future success. It’s for this reason I also like to challenge myself, with my latest undertaking, a fundraising effort that took me to an ancient frozen lake in Outer Mongolia.

The premise was straightforward, fly to Outer Mongolia and get across 100 miles which is the entirety of the frozen Lake Khovsgol, raising money for charity in the process. (Donations are still gladly accepted – you can sponsor me and raise money for the brilliant charity Children with Cancer here ). Of course the experience was daunting, tough, challenging and exciting.

Ahead of the departure there was plenty to consider. It’s hard to find frozen lakes to train on in the UK, so I had to stick to standard training to ensure I was in good enough physical shape to complete what would be four marathons in four days. I also had too make sure I had the appropriate equipment. As in business, taking the time to research and make informed decisions pays dividends.

The journey to Mongolia was an adventure. It included several flights over some of the most glorious and breathtaking scenery I’ve ever seen. After arriving we spent time adjusting to the temperature. It’s hard to describe, but I was grateful for a warm bath when I got home. The final leg of our initial journey was a 100-mile drive across the lake to our starting point. It was long, but an awe inspiring and helpful one. It gave me a chance to take in the scenery and to process exactly where I was, over 4,200 miles from home.

For the next four days it was then down to me. Walking, shuffling and running on the ice took some getting used to. I’d had little opportunity to experiment with the crampons that are necessary, so it took a bit of time to find my newly adorned feet. The sounds from beneath are what took the most to get used to. The ice would crack and crunch, with a host of other sounds emanating from beneath my feet. There was a lot of unfamiliarity I had to get used to very quickly.

Each day provided a unique challenge, and was tough going but there was no way I wasn’t going to make it and crossing the finishing line on the final day was a moment I’ll treasure forever. Having had some time to reflect on the expedition, it struck me that to take part and complete something like this requires a similar mindset and set of disciplines to running a business. To do either you must:

  • Be prepared;
  • Be brave;
  • Be able to adapt; and
  • Be committed.

If you can meet those criteria there won’t be much you can’t achieve, whether it’s in the office or on a frozen lake over 4,200 miles from home.

Until next time … toodle-pip!

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