Upside-Down Thinking by Patric Fransko
by Patric Fransko
April 17th, 2019

Are You LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is nothing new, as the platform was founded in 2010, but it’s seeing a resurgence in relevance in 2019. I thought you should be aware of it if you are active in business-to-business sales. We’re seeing LinkedIn have more attention being paid to it and we wanted to offer four steps you need to take immediately to take advantage of this increased platform interest.

1. Create One or Get Your Personal Profile in Shape – First, if you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, now is the time to create one. Spend time to fully fill one out and begin connecting with those you may already know. If you are new, just follow the steps. It’s pretty straightforward.

If you already have a profile, take time to make sure it’s completed and reflects your experiences properly. Also, reach out to additional people you may know and begin building your network.

2. Create or Complete a Company Page – If you don’t have one already, it’s important to create a company page for your business. This will be a place where you can tell the story of who your company is and what services you provide. Take time to set this up properly. If you already have a business page for your company, review the information and make sure it’s accurate.

This page gives you the option to share posts the same way you can on platforms like Facebook. Get in the habit of sharing posts to this page. Once posted, share them from your company page to your personal profile. You might be surprised at how many people organically see these posts. Of course, you can also spend money to target these posts to specific individuals.

3. Join Relevant Groups – Much like Facebook, there are many groups on LinkedIn you can join. This gives you an opportunity to engage in conversation and expand your network. Just remember these groups are not the place to try and push sales. Spend time to be a part of the conversation and you might find it leads to sales. Think of these groups like a professional cocktail party. You wouldn’t barge into a party and hand out your business card and then leave, so don’t just join the conversation to give a sales pitch. There is even a LinkedIn Window Film Pros group that can be found by clicking HERE.

4. Use Paid Targeting to Highlight Content to Specific Audiences – One great thing about LinkedIn is that you can target content to specific people based on the company they work for and their job title. This enables you to place relevant content in front of the precise audience that might be interested in it.

I hope that this article gives you some reasons you should re-engage with LinkedIn. It’s becoming a very relevant platform and it definitely makes sense for you, and your business, to be active there.

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